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Friday, June 18, 2021


In my ongoing efforts to distract myself from the Victorian melodrama (think Wilkie Collins’s The Woman in White) that my life has become, I found the best book! It’s Tom Holt’s In Your Dreams.  

It’s the tale of a demi-shlubish young man in London who finds himself working at a company whose only concern is money, money, money. Yeah, just like all companies EXCEPT this one is populated by dwarves, fairies, giants, sorcerers, the dead, heroes and under-performers who’ve been turned into staplers, copy machines and cheap company cars. Displeasing the boss has stiffer penalties than merely being fired.
Ever been offered a promotion that seems too good to be true? You know - the sort they'd be insane to be offering to someone like you. The kind where you snap their arm off to accept, then wonder why all your long-serving colleagues look secretly relieved, as if they're off some strange and unpleasant hook … (source)
FINALLY, a funny, odd, unpredictable, well written, AND edited book about the supernatural. Yes, I still have the exceedingly nasty aftertaste of that incompetently composed, self published without so much as a slim blue-penciling, The Graveyard Shift in my bean.  I SO deserved Tom Holt AND there are six more books in the series. Apparently, I missed the first book, The Portable Door. S’ok, I’ll just move on from here.

I'm about to start Tom Holt’s The Management Style of the Supreme Beings (to hold me over until the next two books arrive from the used independent online booksellers)

When the Supreme Being and his son decide that being supreme isn't for them any more, it's inevitable that things get a bit of a shake-up. (source)

Meanwhile, in my life, I FaceTimed with Daddy yesterday. He wasn’t awake but the nurse believes he heard me. She suggested that maybe he was hanging on until he heard my voice one more time. Way to rip my heart clean out lady! Also, that’s a nice guilt trip you throw. No, I couldn’t have made it down to see him – four neuro-surgeries in the past year and a half…remember? Still, if there’s something to feel guilty about, I’m ALL over that motherfucker. I didn’t go to seven years of Catholic school for nothin’ ya know!

Also, Jen’s Pop is doing fairly well. He’s still at Beth Israel. After they do more of whatever to him, he’ll go to rehab but DEF not the one I was at – Marina Bay, a total death trap.

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