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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

PT, Books and TeeVee

Yesterday’s PT appointment was challenging and semi-satisfying. I didn’t kill it, as hoped, but neither did I suck frozen Bantha wang. Not totally anyway. I NEED to keep up my three times a day at home exercises and NOT just rely on these twice weekly exhaust-a-thons for my rehabbing. That’s the path to Fail City.

My big disappointment was the walk-as-far-as-you-can-in-six-minutes exercise. I did NOT go a mile (to be fair, I’ve never done a six minute mile) or even an eighth of a mile. I may have done a sixteenth with no less than TWO sit down rest stops. #embarrassing

Friday’s my next shot at the track. Maybe I can work up to a mile by then?
My big order of used books from Powell’s in Portland, Oregon has STILL not arrived (due this past Friday). The book sad continues!
On Sunday in Tea Time World, we watched an ep of Star Trek: Discovery (totally BRILL) and, also, The Flash. Gotta say, I’m enjoying Flash a little less with each viewed episode. There are too many flawed characters.  OK, maybe just one.

Iris, the daughter of a police detective, adopted sister to The Flash (though she doesn’t know he’s The Flash) and girlfriend of her
police detective father's, partner (stupidly BAD and abysmally selfish move). She’s seems incapable of seeing the world, even for a brief moment, from anyone else’s doorstep. Nothing’s ever her fault or responsibility and everyone should immediately support her plans and deeds even when they reek of Danger, Will Robinson, Danger.

Honesty, who wrote this character? Is the writer from a two dimensional universe? Or did they grow up in a home of narcissists and has never worked out their anger in therapy? Who’s Iris standing in for? Evil stepmother? Sister? Stepsib? If Iris’s character doesn’t seriously evolve and fast, we’ll need to move on to a different show.

Jen’s suggested that Iris is just a radically clumsy plot device. She’s probably right but then, she always is.

I wonder, is scripting the show with consistent character development too much to ask or is D.C.’s budget just that small? ‘You can have special effects or good writers but not both.’ Also, all the white women look nearly identical. Is this 2D, spectacularly unimaginative hiring or does the casting director have some serious familial issues he/she has yet to work through?

Enough of all that and back to Discovery. With an anachronistic character, a sweet nod to the original Trek was deployed. Carl was a chubby old fellow, neatly dressed in a 1930’s style tweed suit. He was sitting in a wooden folding chair in the middle of a snow field, reading a newspaper. Carl proffers enigmatic and ambiguous advice. Loved him!

Also *SPOILER ALERT* Carl is the Guardian of Forever.


  1. You walked 115 feet. Give you a better handle on it: that's to the seawall and back. It's to the steps 'ore the seawall at the end of the street and then down to the next set of steps 'ore the seawall, the same as you walked the last time the pt girls were here.

    1. Really!? I think I deserve cookie for that!