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Monday, October 18, 2021


From Saturday's brief roll along the seawall

Heard back from my neurologist about the intense weakness I've had for three weeks now. First, he asked Jen what WE thought the cause might be. Why did he ask? Because we’re smart (hey, if your big time neurologist says so it MUST be true) and he wanted our input.

She explained that we’d come to the conclusion that the monster strength loss must be due to an imbalance or something related to my meds. Weakness begins shortly after I take my pills at 7AM and begins to lift at 4PM—a few hours before my evening dose. There are only so many pills I take twice a day so the strength thief has to be one of them.

He agreed. This morning, soon, I'll go in to the vampire labs at MGH where they’ll drain me (well, sort of). Afterward, I’ll see Plotkin’s head nurse for a bit of chitter chatter. Possibly this Hell beast will be resolved in short order and I’ll be back on the recovery train.


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