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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Patience on Line One

After barely making it out of the house and down the porch steps to the car (my left leg strength and mobility is history, a memory—I’m a one legged queen), Jen, Ten and I slogged through rush hour traffic to MGH. We got into the underground garage and had to motor down to a shockingly low level before finding an available cripple spot. GEEZ, there are OTHER disabled folk with early appointments at a major urban hospital? It’s not just me? How fucking rude!

In any case we got a space near an intensely awesome boat. THIS is how to decorate for the season! More pics below.

So, we went up to the vampire lab where the techs took a bunch of blood. It was tested and then we were off to see Christina, Doc Plotkin’s head nurse. The good news is that my tests came back ‘normal’—as normal as I ever get. Yeah fine but where does this leave us vis-à-vis my leg. I’m pretty much sick of this immobility shit.

Christina and the good doc figured the root cause is one of the two anti-seizure meds I’m on. I’ve been on max dosage of both. The not-so-cheery news is that I will always be on anti-seizure drugs because that rat bastard meningioma has altered my motherboard’s workings. Though the tumor’s no longer in residence, I will never be ‘normal’ again. (HAH, little do they know, I was never ‘normal’ to begin with!)

Where to now, Saint Peter? We cut the dose of the more side-effecty of the two meds. Now we wait and see. So far nothing—no seizures and I’m still a pathetically weak motherfucker—BUT it’s not like even 24 hours have passed since the first reduced dose.

Also, I’m back to having visiting physical therapists because I’ve lost all gains made since leaving rehab this past April. Joy.

I’ll get to Recovery City someday. I gotta be patient. NOT one of my superpowers.

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