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Monday, October 25, 2021

Spoiler Alert!

We were watching the Love Death + Robots episode, Ice Age, yesterday. It was a lot of fun until the end when the nice, young couple open the door of their ancient fridge to see the little freezer world was now in a Cretaceous kind of period BUT gorillas were unhappily coexisting with dinosaurs. Immediate turn off. The rest of the show was a cute concept until they went born again, flat earther, Noah’s ark literalism. Oh please.. No.
Based on the age of the fossils, the research team estimates that the ancestor of all primates — a group that also includes today's lemurs and monkeys — likely emerged by the Late Cretaceous and lived alongside large dinosaurs (source)
Despite this, Love Death + Robots is a great collection of shorts video stories.

How was I able to watch this since I don’t have teevee internet access? I was able to walk the whole way over to Jen and Oni’s living room. Yes, they all spotted me as I hobbled over, brace on, leaning heavily on my walker, Jen manning the wheelchair behind (for me to fall into in case my leg gave out), Ten and Oni hovering (to catch and/or pick me up in case I missed the chair) I made it though—no falling included. It was probably a bit too much action for me but I HAD to try. I had to see if I could manage it. It’s been a week (today) since Plotkin cut my Keppra in half. No seizures and my strength seems to be returning, if wicked microscopically.

Maybe I’ll get to reduce the dose some more. Maybe that’ll make walking less taxing than fighting a dog from Hell. Could be.

Today Judy, my PT, wants to try descending the porch stairs BUT it’s raining hence slippery as fuck. Also too, now that I’ve taken my morning meds, my leg’s gone all weak-ass wonky. This probably also due to yesterday’s mondo promenade. Hey, why do when you can overdo, I always say.

On the topic of walking…FY-fucking-I and totally randomly, Converse makes tie dye low top Chucks!. Yes, I believe I need a pair. The trick is to get the left foot, the brace side, in a large enough size.

OK, happy rainy Monday!

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