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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Got Time to Think

An acquaintance did one of those blood ‘where do I come from’ tests. He was surprised to find that he’s more than half French—he’d thought he’d have more African and island nations showing up.    
I’m tremendously tempted to do a test too but I doubt there’ll be any shockers. I know there’s a LOT of Italian and Irish, a little French and German too. My cousin Carmel (on my mother’s side), before Internet ease, traced where Nf2 came into the family. A Frenchman brought it with him when he married into the clan that spawned my Aunt Mamie, mia madre, her mother and my Uncle Matt.    
That Carmel was able to track this down before any of the genetic tracing companies and the ‘net just kind of blows my itty bitty mind.     

I’d like to know more about French guy. Where did he meet my great-great-great grandmother. Possibly he was a sailor who’d come into Bari which is just south of the piccola città where she lived?    
Now that Daddy’s gone, I don’t know where to look/who to ask. The old man knew all this stuff.    
On a different note, my fabola spine surgeon Jean Valery C. Coumans came to see me this morning. LOVE this dude! Also, n.b., I get the interesting coincidence that a French guy brought in Nf2 and another took it out avec beaucoup de sueur.    
Jean Valery was thrilled with my progress and, then, allowed that this was the most difficult surgery he’s ever performed. Huh, I think I’m glad to have NOT known that in advance.    
When he walked into the OR, pre-op, I said ‘Dude, we gotta stop meeting like this.’ Emmmm, humor, good way to relax a cutter, eh?