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Monday, June 27, 2022

Not my day

On this day, six years ago, The Amazing Bob, Oni and I went into MGH for a checkup/followup appointment withTAB's oncology nurse practitioner. Shit did not go well. So…yeah, I’m more than a little down today.

Also, since I still feel like schnauzer shit, I figured I ought to have a COVID test. I wanted to make sure this is just a bad cold versus the plague.

Jen had four (we had none) BUT apparently ALL the tests were missing a vital part—the test couldn’t be done without it. Great.

It seemed unlikely that I have COVID, considering how much I avoid human contact, BUT it’s certainly possible. The branch of Spaulding Rehab that I go to for outpatient PT is at the local Y where almost no one is masked. Yes, the Spaulding folk are but that’s it. I've not been in close contact with anyone besides my PT.

In any case Ten went to CVS to pick up a couple of tests. BOTH have come up as positive for COVID antigens.


Jen is now calling my PCP to see where we go from here.


  1. Both me and Cindy T have Covid, caught it from our six month old granddaughter because our daughter and her husband had to work while we were babysitting her. Cindy T got it much worse than me, but is recovering. I still have a sore throat, and had a few somewhat violent episodes of the shivers, but am recovering too. I'm guessing that the daughter and son-in-law were being careless about who they were associating with, so all three of them came down with Covid, but are doing fine now. If you're fully vaccinated you should be fine, but you're in for a few days of misery. Yeah it totally sucks, but such is life in America...

    1. Vaxxed and double boosted here, thank Bast. I'm sorry you and Cindy have it too! The worst, so far, has been the coughing fits. I'm on Day 4.