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Monday, September 26, 2022

Dream On

Every now and again a random person, who I used to know, comes to mind. Over the weekend, for some mystifying reason I thought of this drummer in a tremendously mediocre local band. The lead singer couldn’t stay on key to save his life—often as not, he was singing flat.

I googled him (the drummer)—nothing. I searched on the band’s name. What I found is that, while the flat lead singer stayed the same, the drummer and bassist were revolving door positions.

While my drummer acquaintance was with the band, they were signed to a label and put out an album. There was scant promotion (if any) by the record company, basically leaving it up to the band to do their own advertising and PR. Why’d the company bother to bring them on if they had such little faith in the trio's marketability? Was the A&R rep drunk as fuck when they heard the band? Was he thoroughly annihilated and didn’t notice that the singer couldn’t carry a tune? Oopsie!

To be fair to the corporate rock 'n' roll juggernaut, I believe the band had been booked into a cross-country tour which failed to result in radio play or any other measurable buzz.

The original bass player had a degree in music engineering technology. Once the group’s rock star dreams crashed, he snagged an industry gig. He moved on.

Dunno what my drummer friend went on to do—no sign of him on the interwebs at all. He came from money though so, wherever he landed, I imagine he’s comfortable.

The flat lead singer moved to LA, has co-written music for teevee, video games and a few films (yea him!) and has a new band.

Kinda blows my mind that more than 20 years have passed since I knew these guys and went to hear them play. They were never the headliners and didn’t score gigs at the bigger local clubs. They did however open for one or two totally fine acts (whose names escape me because IT’S BEEN 20+ YEARS AND I’M DEAF NOW!). The guys must all be in their late 40s now.

Weird. They’re no longer idealistic kids with a dream. Okay, Mister Flat Singer is still chasing the dream—good for him.

Dream On–Aerosmith

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