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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Groan, Whimper, Mewl

I’m exhausted. Though it’s supposed to get up near 50º today, it was a piddling 34º when Jen took me out for my morning walk. (By the by, today is Jen's birthday. HAPPY B-DAY you awesomely malevolent hellion!)

I’ve been trying to increase my outdoor rehab workout—especially since late December's onset of slothfulness (okay, sporadic sloth-i-tudeness with a dash of torpidity). I want to get back up to the endurance and performance level I was at back in early December. It’s far too easy to lose hope of ever getting back to a decent mobility level when faced with the hurdles of near constant rain, snow and ice. I keep taking four steps forward and three back. Sisyphus comes to mind.
The physiological and metabolic impact of exercising in cold weather can be intense. The body needs to work harder to perform in a harsher climate and be able to generate adequate heat to keep warm. (source)
So, hopefully I’ll make better, more consistent progress as the temps warm. And maybe I should stick to walking later in the day when it’s not so brisk out. Sure sure, that makes oodles of sense BUT I’m particularly partial to the shapes of shadows and the colors of the sky and water during the earlier part of the day.

Whine, snivel.

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