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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Bad Girls

 “They don’t put pretty people like me in jail,” said the imprisoned criminal. 

Elizabeth Holmes, who said she’s too pretty (which translates as white, blonde, monied and trim) for the slammer has finally entered the prison population. She’s at FPC Bryan in Texas—100 miles east of Austin and 100 north of Houston. It’s a minimum security federal prison. I only mention it but that part of the country gets obscenely, humidly hot in summer and, waddya know, it’s just about that time of year. For a chicky used to San Francisco weather 90ยบ temps with 94% humidity, (and that's today—technically still spring), is gonna be a touch uncomfortable.


Betty (or Liz as she wants to be known or that scheming, narcissistic twat as I like to think of her) made sure to get hitched in 2019, the year following her indictment and, strategically, dropped two sprog.

People have kids for a lot of reasons but the timing of her pregnancies is suspish to say the very least. The first one came mere weeks before her trial began in 2021. She was heavily up the spout with the second during her sentencing hearing.

Look at me! I’m not just a filthy rich, pretty white woman, I’m a married lady and a MOM!

Maybe her young-blonde-white-rich-pregnant-MOM check would’ve been cashed if she hadn’t scammed dangerous investors like war criminal Henry Kissinger and hate-for-profit, democracy assassin Rupert Murdoch. They’re not exactly warm, fuzzy fools. Hells bells, she was trying to run a con on the boys who oversee the four horsemen of the apocalypse. They’re not exactly the forgiving type.

Holmes’ kids won’t be relegated to the vagaries of the child welfare system. Her husband comes from money and, with his MIT undergrad degree, won’t need to worry about securing gainful employment. I imagine he’ll hire a nanny and go back to building his career (he’s 30 to Holmes’ 39) while attempting to shake off the taint of his poor marriage decision. Maybe Billy will find a new, less criminal mummy for little William and Invicta.

In other failed white women news, there's
Skitter is unimpressed with these twats
Tara Reade’s latest grab for headlines and relevance.

You remember her perhaps? She’s the tinybrained bint who accused Mister Rogers (AKA Uncle Joe Biden) of sexual assault—something that never happened. 

She’s fucked off to Russia now, saying that she “just didn’t want to walk home and walk into a cage or be killed, which is basically my two choices.”

Ummm, Dear, your 15 minutes of fame left you in the dust back in 2020. You're no more than a forgotten fraudster.

Maria Butina, the Russian spy now a member of the State Duma (equivalent of the U.S. House of Representatives?), is helping Tara get settled in and obtain Russian citizenship.

You remember Maria, don’t you? She’s the broad who plotted to use political groups, including the NRA, to establish "back channel" communication with official figures with the ultimate aim of influencing US foreign policy in favour of Russia.  

Interestingly, Maria did time but her ex-boyfriend, who pled guilty to fraudulent investment schemes  (like our friend “Liz”) was pardoned by the Big Orange Asshole. 

If Maria had a dick or bleach blonde hair would Trump have pardoned her too?


  1. How do you know Tara Reade's accusation never happened? Were you there? Please post some evidence. Or is it only women who accuse Trump that you believe? Do you think Biden/DNC/any democrat are sacred cows and untouchable? Didn't Carroll say she was doing it for ALL women? Didn't you say #believewomen? What is your criteria?

    1. Just so you know, I voted for Bernie. Twice. I am NOT MAGA so you will have to find a intelligent, well researched counterargument.

    2. Click on the links or google it.