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Saturday, April 13, 2024

A Fine Whine

 I’m tired—tired of being in pain, tired of soft, mushy food, tired of waiting to heal and tired of being tired. Rehab exercise-wise I’ve done fuck all this week. Okay, I’ve consumed soft, squishy food but even THAT has felt like a major workout.

Mein Gott and what the everlovin’ fuck. I gotta know, was I THAT much of a chicken fried asshole in my last life that I had no choice but to draw this banjaxed hand in this version of reality? No, I don’t actually believe I was AND I think reincarnation is no more than a lovely fantasy.

It’s been five days since dental surgery and it’s gonna be in the low 50s and cloudy today. I’ve GOT to attempt to, at the least, walk down to the seawall before I lose even more of the mobility ground I’ve worked and fought hard for over the past few years.

Enough whining from me. It’s not raining today. I will do my damnedest to get out of the house and, at the least, walk to the seawall and back.

Here, have some fresh memes.

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