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Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Dance Time

This has been a very good week. How so, you ask? Two biggies came down:

1) Yesterday The Amazing Bob and I saw his tremendously warm, handsome, smart, heart dude, Doc Drachman at MGH. The way things stood, after this past November’s scary, unsuccessful procedure  was that my beautiful TAB would need MORE open heart if his circulation, energy and general health didn’t improve. I allowed that, after the last time they’d jimmied his ticker, he’d had cardiac rehab and that had worked a wicked treat. Sadly, his new found, puppy-ish health was derailed by a nasty-ass, protracted run in with prostate crap. *sigh*

So then, I says to Doc D and his awesome assistant healer types, I says if the goal is to get him healthy and keep him off the cutter’s table, how’s about we put him through that rehab shit again?

It involved jumping through a lot of insurance and hospital organizational hoops but they made it so.

We’re half way through the four month program and our, awesome TAB’s been doing fab. The rehab folk increase his work out at each session. Tremendous, nicht wahr?

Wednesday’s appointment with the good Doc was a biggie. If TAB wasn’t in appreciably better shape than in November, well, knives would be sharpened, spreaders would shined up. I suspect this was the fuel in Tuesday night’s sleeplessness.

In any case Heart Man says TAB’s GREAT (I knew that) and we don’t need to go in again until next year for his regular, annual check up. YEA, YIPPEE!!! We are OFF the hook!

2) Next up in good news-ville — ya know how I’ve been salivating over that incredible folding, nine speed, recumbent trike — the edge e² ?

I’ve elaborate dreams of triking the Hebrides. I want to ride from Vatersay in the south up to and beyond Stornaway in the north. I want to trike around the Isle of Skye, from the Quiraing down to the Black Cuillen and more. Farther. MORE!

I’m just aching for this.

Well, boyhowdy and ZOMG, a Fairy Godfather has hit me with a load of pixie, magic dust and I am now in line for my very own, awesome ! TAB and I went in to our local bicycle emporium, the wonderful, family owned Anderson Bicycle, yesterday. Paul, Owner Guy, called the company down in Tennessee and put me in queue. This is my 56th birthday prezzie and I’ll be the 56th person to own one. Way cool!

Each trike is made to order so there’s a three month wait BUT I should get it (need a name for it don’cha think?) in October — still plenty of brill weather before I’ve got to suit up in Arctic gear. Hillel, a riding fiend, won’t have put his steed up for the winter yet so he and I will go on some local expeditions together — he knows ALL the best routes!

I am 99 kinds of psyched and then some.


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