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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Righteous Sister

Today I give you a brill rant, forwarded to me by a friend. Y’all just know that I love a righteously inspired screed and this is exactly that.
This rant has been simmering and now it has to be vented.  Remember the Statue of Liberty?  Anyone?  How about reading what it says.  Remember how YOUR family came to this country?  Unless you are Native American, how about checking your freaking family tree.  
Remember how we are supposed to be all about PROTECTING LIFE — especially the smallest and most helpless of us?!  These are BABIES and CHILDREN at our borders, you heartless pricks.  Just because they are no longer in utero doesn't mean they deserve any less impassioned protection. 

This is AMERICA!  We are better than this unconscionable rhetoric and — God help us —  blocking buses of innocent CHILDREN from our protection.  I don't give a damn what 'party' you belong to.  I don't give a rat's ass what idiot excuse you conjure up (‘these babies are all a plot to take over the country‘ — as if they are robot soldiers looking for covert opportunities). 

Check for whatever slice of morality is left in your rotted corpse of humanity.  And this is directed especially at those "Christians" in this fetid mix of evil — check your Bible — get the audio version because clearly some of you can't read or write.  Jesus talked about children.  He didn't say anything about abandoning them and leaving them to the wolves. 

Here's an idea — think we have too many people in the USA and we cannot possibly make room for these babies?  YOU can be first in line to head back to where your family came from to make
room for them.  You spineless, reeking, privileged, self-absorbed subhuman scum
 And then I found this in my Twitter feed:
The Stupidest Man On The Internet Ran A Bogus Story That Shut Down A Plan To Help Border Children. Hooray!

In a wee nutshell, a private religious charity group had plans to purchase a run down, beat to shit Texas hotel in order to house immigrant children. Not only would this get the kids out of federal care, it would be a great jump to the Weslaco, Texas economy:
Hidalgo County leaders, including Judge Ramon Garcia and Pct. 1 Commissioner A.C. Cuellar, have been proponents of the project.
“I think we could use something like that in Weslaco,” Cuellar said. “Anytime that humanitarian problems happen I’m interested, especially when it involves kids.”
He added that the project, which BCFS (Baptist Child & Family Services) said will employ 650 people and have an annual economic impact of some $50 million, would be a major development boon.
But did the syphilitic weasels of this “right” wing bullshit brigade pay attention to, ya know, reality? Fuck no! They ran with this as their headline: “FEDS TO OPEN $50 MILLION RESORT for ILLEGAL CHILDREN – Complete With Tennis Courts, Sauna & Pools.”

Fox Propaganda for the Easily Gulled News ran with this vile, whopper filled fiction and now BCFS has backed out. These brain dead skanks, in their attempts to punish poor scared children for their heinous crime of existence, have managed to screw the Hidalgo County economy out of a much needed economic boost. And yeah, it's a huge, damn shame that BCFS didn't have the courage to withstand the slings and arrows of outrageously rabid idiocy.

If I've not said it enough already, if you're not gonna follow the teachings of Christ, stop calling yourself a Christian. You're not.

Go to the Wonkette link for more. That is, IF you can stomach it on this beautiful Saturday morning.

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