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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Morning After

You know the bestest part of birthdays? Carrot cake for brekkie!

Of course!

I hear you — you're wondering where are all the luscious, sugary confection pics? Hmmm?

Aren't you?

 Darlins, this was carrot cake from Saint Fratelli's no less. There wasn't a Cheeto's chance in Hell (AKA Tea Bagger Blogger Convention) of it remaining whole and unmolested for longer than 30 seconds once The Amazing Bob set it out on the dinner table.

Hells, I limited the number of candles that Jen could plant in its surface. Apart from the fact that I do NOT need to be reminded of the vast number of years I've accumulated, blowing those suckers out takes time — time which is way better spent slurping exquisite cream cheese frosting carrots.

Of course.

So here — have some alluring late summer beauties whilst I go decimate another sweet bit of my ambrosial gâteau.

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