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Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Compendium of Randomness

Guess what?! I survived  April Fools Day without having to suffer even one prank! Yea me! This only means though that Oni's brother Kevin will nail me later this week with some surprise. I feel it in my bones. I'll be ready for him though. I think. Maybe.
Tuxes are THE best. It’s true—I saw it on the intertoobz. Here’s all the prime scientific evidence RIGHT HERE!

You ask for a wee sampling?
  • When a full moon occurs on the vernal or diurnal equinox, TCs can become invisible.
  • The first cat in the new world was a Tuxedo cat named Asgerd who accompanied (some literature indicates she led) early Viking expeditions to the North American continent.
  • In the original "Lassie" stories, Lassie was a tuxedo cat. The role was re-cast as a Collie after no TC willing to accept the role could be found. They all refused the role as 'undignified' and 'demeaning.'
So then, how are my stunners, Rocco and Coco? Utterly fabuloso, of course! When The Amazing Bob and I were in MGH over the weekend, Saint Jen stopped by to serve up their midday repast and dinner. She managed to catch them in “action.”

That’s Rocco in bed as uzh. He gets up to eat and look out the window but that’s it for our retired boy. Coco? She was in TAB’s big recliner, keeping it warm for him. So thoughtful.
Eddie Deezen shared A Few Things You Might Not Know About Abraham Lincoln at the site, Neatorama. Here are a few things that stood out.
  • When Lincoln was nine, a horse kicked him in the forehead while he was in the middle of a sentence. He fell unconscious for several hours and when he awoke, his first words were the completion of the sentence he had been saying when the horse kicked him.
  • Lincoln had a dream right before the fall of Richmond that he would die. He dreamed he was in the White House and heard crying. When he found the room it was coming from, he asked who died. The man who was crying said, "The president." Lincoln looked into the coffin and saw his own face. A week later, he was assassinated.
  • Lincoln was carried across the street from Ford's Theater after he was shot. He died in the same bed and room that John Wilkes Booth had rented on an earlier occasion.
  • Kevin Costner was just 33 when he did Bull Durham. Susan Sarandon was an utterly oo la la 42.
  • Costner, Robbins, and Sarandon weren’t anybody’s first choice for the movie. For Costner’s aging minor-league catcher character Crash Davis, other actors who were considered included Harrison Ford, Kurt Russell, and Mel Gibson. Costner said yes first. For Robbins’ dim-bulb pitching phenom Nuke LaLoosh, the first choice was Charlie Sheen. But he’d just signed on to be in another baseball movie, Eight Men Out. As for Sarandon’s baseball groupie Annie Savoy, both Kim Basinger and Ellen Barkin passed first.
  • When the filmmakers needed to fill the stadium stands with extras, they had a novel idea – they went to a Pink Floyd concert in nearby Chapel Hill and asked the band to invite the audience out to the ballpark afterwards. That may be why so many of them look a little hazy…and why there are so many Dark Side of the Moon T-shirts in the background.
And lastly:
One of my fav new authors, Kevin Tudish, who had self published, then unpublished a collection of stories, health happiness love longevity peace prosperity and safety has republished. Awesome! Haven't read it yet? It's available now on Amazon.
Essays about growing up in an itinerant military family, migrating from the lingering economics of The Great Depression to the narcotic comforts of Silicon Valley, trying to maintain some pulse in a creative life, the unexpected rewards of fatherhood, and the struggle to succeed as a parent.

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