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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Reality Challenged Set

Is this, Duggarmania, what happens when you don’t have REALISTIC talks with your teen about sex, their bodies and the ginormous changes, the daily hormone explosions they’re experiencing? Is this what happens when you teach your children that women were created to serve and service men?

The Duggar parents are part of the Quiverfull Cult. What the fuck is this?
Quiverfull Believers eschew all forms of birth control in favor of “trusting the Lord” with their family planning. The Quiverfull ideal embraces a “biblical” model (read, fundamentalist) of the traditional family which insists that the husband is the head of the household and the wife is the submissive “helpmeet.”
In the case of the Duggars, this is also their money making scheme. Have a freakish amount of kids, get a reality show, get famous, get rich. Boom. Done.
A Quiverfull daughter is taught from a young age that her purpose in life is to serve the man whom God has placed in authority over her.
 Father and older brother too? Teach a girl that her worth is entirely wrapped up in her subservience,  “purity” and womb potential, teach her that those with a dick are in charge—why? The almighty penis, that’s why!—and what will you get? A victim.

Bottom line on this whole mega sad deal is that Duggar Père et Mère are and were clearly not bright enough and def too cravenly, mentally unbalanced and despicable to be decent parents.
Police say Jim Bob Duggar was first alerted to the possibility that his son was a child molester in March of 2002. He chose to handle it quietly within his family rather than going to the authorities. While most outside of the state of Arkansas know the Duggars as the family from 19 Kids and Counting, it’s important to remember what earned them their celebrity in the first place — what drew attention to the family on a national level: it was Jim Bob’s powerful political position in Arkansas. From 1999 t0 2002, Jim Bob Duggar served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for the sixth district. And, more importantly, in March of 2002, Jim Bob Duggar was running for the United States Senate. He was just two months away from his primary against fellow Republican Tim Hutchinson. Granted, Jim Bob was polling badly and would go on to get clobbered, but accusations of child molestation within the family isn’t something any fundamentalist Christian candidate wants to find himself attached to during crunch time of a campaign for Senate.
Not good for the old election prospects to have it come out that your teen’s a child molester, especially when you're running as the wonderful, ideal Christian parental figure. No, nae good. Here’s the thing, I can totes understand the wish to keep this all quiet (victims and victimizer were children after all) BUT you still have to get REAL counseling for BOTH molester AND molestees.

Sending your precious, abusive male child to work for a chum who’s doing home remodeling and then on for, theoretical, counseling from an Arkansas State Trooper (now serving 56 year sentence for child porn) versus a trained therapist tend not to be terribly effective. Also too, this "treatment" center wasn't one of their brighter moves. Nope.

What’s this all mean? Given that Josh is a grown man, married, and a father—I gotta wonder about his kids. For that matter, what about Jim Bob? Did Josh learn how to play fast and loose with his sisters and others from his father? Do molesters always take on what they’ve learned from a parent or family “friend?” Do abusers ever stop? Are they ever cured?

If Josh IS in fact all better now, will he ever be able to make up for the crimes he committed at 14? Mind you, working for a hate group hasn't exactly made him a terribly sympathetic figure.

My big wish is that the girls, the young women who’ve been raised by these clueless, twisted miscreants will break away—will leave, just as Vyckie Garrison did.

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