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Monday, May 25, 2015

Tomorrowland—The Review

Stan and I went to see Tomorrowland yesterday. I didn’t know anything about the flick beyond this:
  • George Clooney stars. Mmmmmmm, dreamy!
  • It was a Disney film. I used to despise and shun Disney BUT Maleficent was pretty damn awesome so this, I figured, could be good too.
  • It was sci fi. Honestly, what’s not to love about sci fi? Spaceships! Space/time travel! Shit blowing up big and beautiful!
Those three bits were motivation enough for me to add it to my stress management strategy line up.

The movie opens with Clooney (mmmmm) and a young woman attempting to tell us the story of how they got where they are (wherever that is). It seemed a little Hepburn and Tracy-ish—not knowing the age of the girl, I wondered if this would prove to be a romance? Yes, very May/December but this is a Hollywood movie after all. I was all set to be disappointed. I wanted a big booming adventure with super-duper rocket ships and mind-blowing explosions, not some mess of kiss-face shit. Humph.

Nope, nada, nein, nope. Tomorrowland is a celebration of art, science, discovery, partnership AND optimism. Casey (in real life she's 25 but playing a teen here), Athena (played by 11 year old Raffey Cassidy) and Frank (mid-50s and hermit-ish) work together to save the world. An improbable and potentially fraught trio but there’s no weirdness, no ick factor. I know, I know—of course not, it’s Disney. Still, I love seeing different generations and genders working together, being partners sans the depravity we see all too often in this hard world.

We get a bit of Frank’s backstory—we see him as a boy (10 maybe?) at the New York World’s Fair. He presents his not quite debugged jet pack invention to a nasty old, famous inventor (Hugh Laurie). The dude stamps all over young Frank’s exuberant spirit. As Frank dejectedly exits, he meets the mysterious Athena—who, by the by, proves to be something more amazing as the movie progresses.
We flash forward, after some cool shit, to Casey in Florida. One of the launch platforms at Cape Canaveral’s about to be taken down which leaves her bummed, angry and determined to disrupt the destruction.
Britt Robertson is rebellious Nasa-sprog Casey Newton who gets an enticing glimpse of an Oz-like alternative dimension in which scientists are left alone to build a better tomorrow. With the Earth heading for ecological disaster (global warming, war, famine etc) this utopia could offer a solution, but all is not well in the brave new Eden.
I love, love, LOVE that the story’s heroes are smart, strong girls. Frank’s important too BUT Casey and Athena are the keys. They’ve got ideas, brains, hope, attitude and determination. They CAN overcome all!

What's the basic idea? Grumpy "old" man and plucky, bright young girls save the world. Stan felt it got a bit preachy in the end. Yeah probably BUT it's beautiful and fabulous and tremendous!

Sure Tomorrowland’s got flaws BUT it is TOTES worth seeing. A real mood levitater.

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