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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Unicorn Brigade

Wanna know how to make sure I don’t listen to your strongly held opinion ?

Launch into your treatise with both barrels blazing. Act as though we were already in the midst of an ongoing, flaming argument. Really, just dive right into that pool, babe. Don't wait for me—I'll catch up. //snort//

And be sure to condescend to me. Treat me like an errant, unthinking adolescent. That always works a treat.

On my ShoutyFace page, I linked to the amusing Daily Kos post James O'Keefe Tries to Entrap Hillary, Fails Spectacularly  which tells of some dimwitted, TeaBaggian, college girls who either took a page from O'Keefe's deranged "journalistic" play book or are on his Nimrodian, criminal, Idiots-Without-Even-the-Faintest-Whiff-of-a-Clue crew. Their brill idea was to get Clinton's staff to accept illegal donations. Didn't work. giggle, giggle

An acquaintance with a rep for being More Purely Left Than Thou left this comment (amongst others):
“Keep your eye on the real ball. Don’t get distracted.”
 Gosh, thanks for the lecture but what the fuck? Is having a laugh at the folks who couldn't quite get through Espionage For Dummies verboten now? Schadenfreude-y giggles over these right wing Maxwell Smart wannabes is off the schedule? Gotta be vigilantly serious and big picture-y every single minute?

Oh please. I am quite capable of having a snicker while I keep my eye on the real ball.

Ya know, I’ve just really had it with the Firebagger Unicorn Brigade.

I can't be arsed to give even a nanosecond's worth of my time to those on the extreme left who can do nothing but attack the Dems who they feel are tainted and impure. These are the folks who maintain that there's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.

Really? Obs they've not been paying attention over the last, oh, 50 years or so. Like sand tiger sharks, the Firebagger Unicorn Brigade eat their own even before exiting the womb, (stage extreme left of course). These are the the same folks who voted for Saint Nader and, gee whillickers, that worked out well, eh?

Clearly the FUBs didn't get the memo—life's one big grey area. It's not, to the disappointment of Mayberry Machiavellians everywhere, a clean, clear, unambiguously monochromatic vista. Sometimes we gotta compromise. I know...MERDE!

Pro tip from any article at Forward Progressives:
Understand that diversity is what makes liberals better: While liberals claim to support diversity when it comes to other races, religions and ethnicities – many on the far-left can be quite intolerant of other liberals for not being as liberal as they are. As a center-left progressive, I find myself having nearly as many clashes with far-left liberals as I do far-right conservatives. We only weaken what we’re trying to accomplish by being intolerant of one another.
That AND since this is still a theoretical Democracy versus dictatorship, even if  Jill Stein or, for that matter, Sanders were to be elected, she or he would...wait for it....need to be able to get shit passed. Not only is the autocrat shtick a nonstarter, fresh Prez's aren't issued magic contention-be-gone wands when they take the oath of office. Governing not wizardry.

What I want is for a sharp, determined, left wing crafty fighter to win AND be able to govern. If Clinton gets the nomination, I'll surely vote for her. Once she's in, I'll do all I can to push her farther left. Sanders? I'll def vote for him and hope he's able to get as much done as O. Biden. Same.

Want change? Start with the folks who've been snowed by the "right." You know, the not rich, not well connected types who're voting against their own interests because they keep falling for Trump's, Walker's, Cruz's and the rest of the clown car's dog whistles. 'member them? One helpful hint—if you yell down to them, insult their intelligence, it's unlikely you'll gain converts.

Here's another way to bring about change—get involved in your town's politics. Work to elect lefties at the lowest level of government. Change grows from the bottom up. 

OK, I'm off the soap box now. Honest!

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