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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Downtown Quincy is a 20 minute bus ride from us, the denizens of Valhalla. A hippy groovy health food store can be found there, a comic book emporium, a few jewelers, a joke shop, an aquarium seller, an Asian furniture showroom, a lot of restaurants and more.

Ya know what can’t be found in Quincy Center? A pharmacy. No book store either. Frustrating, very frustrating—particulary since I’ve been, mostly, carless for the last three weeks. I’ve now got what, I’m sure as fuck hoping, is the last of my rental cars, a Hyundai Accent. It’s another great boat of a thing, just like the last 2 rentals, also categorized as a sub compact. I imagine the car classification gods are comparing it to the Nimitz.

If  the Accent's a subcompact, what's a Smart Car considered? A roller skate? A utility cart? One of those suitcases on wheels? Would Bix fit in an overhead compartment?

scenes from a ride
I got word yesterday that Bix may be ALLLLLL better today or tomorrow. YEA! I do feel rather silly about this. After all, I can do almost all of my errands via bus and T. Mind you, it’d take the better part of the day BUT it could be done.

I’m thinking that if I can figure out a way to attach saddle bags to my trusty trike, I could get my workout in at the same time I rock the Errand Queen deal. Did I do this over these three carless weeks? No. SPAZ!

My triking pal, Michie, has a basket and a hook up so she can tote her folded up walker with her. I gotta hit my local bike shop and see if they can kit me out. 

On yesterday's excursion, I pedaled nearly halfway up Wollaston Beach. Round trip, including all my off path detours, that's close to ten miles. Huzzah! Can it be long before I'm ready for my Isle of Skye Adventure? It's within reach. I can feel it now.

Wheel In The Sky—Journey

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