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Thursday, March 17, 2016


My pal Joe and I went out to celebrate his birthday last night. We met in Faneuil Hall – home to a thousand and one half tourists, locals, street musicians and performers and every kind of food – served fast and over a counter – that you can imagine. There’s Thai, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, your basic fish and chips, burgers, CUPPYCAKES, gelato and a metric fuck-ton more.

Awesome fish tank but wildlife was hiding
Did we eat there? No, no, non. We trundled over to this wickedly chill lounge at the edge of the North End (where Joe grew up!) called The Living Room. It’s on the first floor of one of those old, atmospheric, granite, ex shipping warehouses (I expected to see the ghosts of seamen past but they were no-shows. Maybe at a party down in Fall River?). As the name implies, it’s like being in someone’s home. There are half a dozen large, pillow covered sofas – all in beautiful, muted oranges and reds. The bar’s small, over to the side with a mondo fish tank nearby. The word cozy comes to mind BUT this place has tons of breathing space. I can well imagine feeling comfortable, NOT claustrophobic at all, when the joint’s packed.

Living Room with EXtreme mood lighting
What about the food? We got (and this is hilarious given my previous, lifelong aversion) Brussels sprout flatbread pizza! There were caramelized onions, Gouda and arugula—what’s not to love? Yes, it was awesome and a half. I gotta go back there – Jen would love this place!

After that we hit Caffé Vittoria for cappuccino, ricotta pie and gelato (chocolate almond if you must know and yeah, it was mega astounding).

Back when I lived in Boston and Cambridge I’d come down here and not just for the aMAZING pastry and coffee either. It’s the ceiling – I’m wild for it. I believe I need to paint a trompe l'oeil version on the ceiling of our kitchen. TAB and the cats will be thrilled!

Ya know, it just occurred to me – I ought to drag Joe out for one of the North End feasts. I’ve not been to one in eons and it would be spectacular to attend with someone from the neighborhood. The next one is on June 5th. It’s the Santa Maria Di Anzano Procession. On July 17, 2016 there’s the St. Rocco Procession.

How could I NOT go to a feast in honor my ex-feral boy’s namesake?!

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