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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Goddess of the Kitchen

I am now officially the Kitchen Goddess — of our own Valhalla kitchen that is. How could this ridiculous impossibly have come to pass?

 Jen and Oni – stone treasures that they are – bought me a dishwasher. The one in our house when we bought (13 years ago) worked only on rare occasion – usually in months beginning with  the letter X. So, the mechanical wet box was used as a cabinet for paper towels, dish soap and other odd bits.

We had it repaired a few times, then gave up on throwing our hard earned cabbage after it – clearly the poor beast wanted to die. Who were we to deny it?

It was OK – we'd make due.  TAB and I are used to washing dishes by hand. As TAB's health weakened though, I began taking on more of his chores and was getting pretty damned worn out. Who knew that such a small house would require so much work?

I figured we’d replace the poor dead thing as soon as we landed in a money patch – IF we landed in that patch of greens that is. You know, the Money Patch is the magical meadow where rainbow unicorns sing sea shanties, plump blue bunnies play Round Midnight on their tiny grand pianos and tuxedo clad cats with slicked back hair, trade bitter witticisms before breaking out into Goody, Goody. The cabbage rose petals are all made of Benjamins and Abes. I was certain that, in this magic meadow, I'd find the dosh for a new, well made dishwasher AND the mirrorless camera that I’ve been lusting after.

This was my choice – dishwasher or camera:

Buy the dishwasher and become less of a slave to housecleaning. A concept full of win.

Buy the mirrorless camera (smaller and lighter than a traditional DSLR so much easier to tote with me when I ride). I’d be able to take awesome sea, beach, marsh, mountain and more pics AND be able to blow then up BIG. This’d be useful for work AND I believe I could find a dandy market for the big prints to boot. Much win in this choice.

Art and possible fresh commerce versus a partial end to drudgery. A spectacularly hard choice!

And Jen and Oni came to my rescue. I’m overwhelmed by their generosity. And ecstatic too.

With out tax return money, I’ll invest in that camera.

And away we go!

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