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Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm having SUCH a Monday!

I’m in the midst of a world destroying cold (NO exaggeration there – HONEST!), our Internet's out, I just remembered that I have a test at MGH today (so can't lay in bed doing my best impression of an invalid), it's raining (y'all know I melt in the rain....right?), I'm buried in work (for which I need an Internet connection so I'm living at Starbucks) AND the Chinese food we sent out for dinner last night never came.

Whine, snivel, kvetch.
This morning Twitter was mocking me with a zillion and a half shots of dinner tables laid out with giant, traditional Easter feasts – baked ham, yams, green bean casseroles and more. Carrot cake being the dessert of choice. MASSIVE yum – ‘cept for the baked ham part. I think of those poor piggies and just get all tragically hurlish

One year, before I went all vegetarian, my sister made lamb for the Easter repast. It was amazing – just, flat out, the best meat I’d ever had. This morning, close to 30 years later, I’m still drooling at the memory. I could never do it now though. After so many years of sheep snapping while on holidaze, I dunno if I could even be in the same room as roasting sheepie. They’re not dinner – they’re pals!

Heartbroken about the Chinese food delivery cock up, I dropped a few throat lozenges and ibuprofen and crawled back in bed to read I Am Spock. Fabulous read, by the by – it is if you’re a Star Trek geek and I am.

Mebbe we’ll have that Chinese feast for dinner tonight instead. And, honest to Bast, I'll quit whining! Tomorrow

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