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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Today's Just Jampacked!

See that, over there at yur right? That’s my schedule today. Ya know what’s glaringly, wonderfully missing?  I’ll tell you what’s not on there – NO doctor appointments, biopsies, video fluoroscopic swallowing exams or anything else where very nice strangers insert needles and shit into either The Amazing Bob OR myself.

YEA us!

All I’ve got planned for today is cat fud shopping, layout/design work and, now that my cold has mostly vamoosed, a nice long walk OR a trike ride.

Mebbe I’ll take my NEW mirrorless camera out for a spin! Maybe I’ll start priming the door to TAB’s study so’s I can start painting Seuss-ian giraffes on it. Perhaps I’ll work on what may be my last BIG oil on stretched canvas – a nude with the head of a rabbit, smoking a ciggy with an air of radical ennui. Or maybe tension/unease – not sure yet.
An aside – this might be my last mondo canvas because I want to shift to water based paint/crayon/pencil on large sheets of paper. Why? Less expensive, easier to store and it feels like a logical shift for me. Gradually, over the years, I've been using more crayons and acrylic and less oil. This feel more me now.
OH and Rocco will need loads of pats and chin skritches and Coco asked if we could please, please PUH-leeeze play hide and seek a LOT today. Cats – they hate disruption in their routines. Me too.

                                                                                                                      The day’s just PACKED! 

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