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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I’m Ignoring the World Today

Rep. Lamar Smith at a recent hearing claimed a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change “confirms the halt in global warming.” It doesn’t. In fact, the authors of the paper write, “We do not believe that warming has ceased.” (source)
 Smith is the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology and a climate change denier. Yep, that makes total sense – put an idiot, who refuses to believe 97 percent of the world’s scientists in charge of the Science, Space, and Technology committee. I suppose he also believes the moon landing was a hoax.

Smith’s a Republican and he’s from Texas – just like Ted (I'm descended from scientists, damnit!) Cruz. Smith is one of those Big-Governmen-Is-Bad-And-Wasteful stooges who go on to prove it with their bullshit performance pieces.
Over the last few years, harassment of climate scientists via subpoenas and FOIA requests for every email they've ever written has become the go-to tactic of climate skeptics and deniers. The purpose is twofold. First, it intimidates scientists from performing climate research. Who needs the grief? Second, it provides a chance to find something juicy and potentially embarrassing in the trove of emails.

In the case of Lamar Smith vs. NOAA, the key fact is this: Smith has no reason to think the scientists in question have done anything wrong. None. He doesn't even pretend otherwise. He has simply asserted that it's "likely" that politics played a role in "adjusting" the climate data. But at no time has he presented any evidence at all to back this up. (source)
Our tax money is supporting his bullshit, prossy abuse of power. One of his biggest contributors (*cough* johns) is Nustar Energy. Yeah, big dirty oil.

That’s the GOP – act all holier than all y’all but, while backs are turned, raid the zealous fucking shit outta the hen house. They're sure to nail every last chick and egg and then make the dimwits who voted for them feel grateful for pin feathers and beaks.

But Susan dear, tell me again how it makes hu-YUGE damn sense to NOT vote if yur man doesn’t win the primary. Ya know, I just love a rousing, fucking fairy tale. And that revolution you see coming? Yeah, IF it does, it sure as hell won't be some glossy, candy coated, V for Vendetta production. As a commenter at Steve M.'s blog noted "Once you "Cry havoc!", the dogs of war that will be unleashed won't all be yours, and those that aren't will be going for your throat."


'scuse me, it's time to suit up, grab my camera and ride. A good long trike excursion through a field of poppies ought to calm me down. Right? Right?!!!

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