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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Broken Promises

I keep breaking promises to myself. Ya know, like:

* Drink just one glass of wine and then switch to water. What’s this about? Am I trying to keep from being a crazed lush? Well sure, that too. Mostly it’s about calories and respecting the old bod though.

* Learn how to use my new camera TODAY. I’m having my usual New Tech Angst – EEEK! I won’t understand it!  I'll fuck it up! I need to get my IT guy to put it together! Oh please. I’m a smart babe AND it can’t be that damn difficult. I just need to strap on my reading glasses and open the damn instruction manual. (I know...EEEK!)

* Scrub and vacuum the floors TODAY. I don’t do this often – certainly not often enough. Why? Am I lazy? Well, YES of course but there’s more. With all the bending over to pick shit up and moving of furniture, I get heinously nasty headaches. What would take someone else a half hour, takes me the better part of the day. I gotta take mal de tête chill breaks breaks, don'cha know.

* Have a little yogurt for snack instead of a TAB cookie. Do I rilly need to explain why I have trouble keeping this particular promise to myself? No, didn’t think so.


* STOP posting political links to my Facebook page!

This last one’s my biggest annoyance lately. Annoying to myself and any Sanders voting friends who are still following my feed, that is. It’s no secret that I’m a Clinton supporter. That’s as much about Sanders’ more rabid and rude supporters (who totally obscure Sanders message with their condescending, nasty-ass insults and refried Republican talking-lies) as it is about Clinton’s wealth of experience, knowledge and practicality.

The last post – and, honest to Bast, it WAS my very last political post — was an Allen Clifton piece, I’ve Had It With This Absurd “War” Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters
I hate to break it to both camps, but there’s not nearly as much of a difference (voted on the same side of the issues 93 percent of the time) between Clinton and Sanders as some of their supporters might think. Though I can see why some think that there is. Like never before, people have wrapped themselves up inside their “bubbles” of pro-candidate bias where they’re inundating themselves with nothing but “your candidate is amazing while his/her opponent is awful” information.
But if some on the left don’t grow up and learn our lesson from 2000 when many liberals stayed home (or voted for Nader), we’re going to repeat that exact same nightmare that was the George W. Bush administration. A disaster that, nearly eight years later, we’re still recovering from. Only this time, under a “President Trump or Cruz,” I’m really not sure if this country will ever be able to recover from the unimaginable damage that either individual will almost certainly inflict upon us. As Bill Maher (a Bernie Sanders supporter) recently said, these petty “my candidate or bust” people are going to be the “death of liberals.”
Go read the whole thing. It’s not long and it’s worth it. This, THIS is how I feel. The bottom line for me is that, while I believe Clinton can get more done than Sanders, I will TOTALLY vote for him if he’s the candidate. I hope that, should he be our warrior in the main battle, he chooses his advisors well. Given some of the shit I’ve read from his surrogates, I’m concerned. Concerned BUT I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Not voting is the equivalent of casting your ballot for Trump, Cruz or whatever vile, slime beast, American Taliban, backward striving bastard the Republicans vomit up.

Blue No Matter Who!

OK, back to broken promises – I wonder which one I’ll bust wide open today.

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