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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Show and Tell with Geezers

‘Member how I said that yesterday was an open house at Madison and Julianna’s school up in Hoosick Falls? Well, as it turns out, this was Grandparents and VIP Day! As The Amazing Bob and I walked into the school gym, I noted “gee, there's an awful lot of old people in here this morning.” He helpfully pointed out the the sign which explained why – it's Grandparents Day.


You'll find it, I suppose, no great surprise, that I was the only purple haired, fluorescent tie-dyed T wearing granny in attendance. The only deafie with fingerspelling grands too! OK, the only deafie period.

All us fossils were seated around tables, sipping coffee, picking at quiche and bagels when the kiddles filed in to serenade us. TAB tells me that one of the tunes was Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Wow, just motherfucking WOW! Though I couldn’t hear it (duh!), tears were streaming outta the old orbs.

By the by, this is, likely, my fav version of the tune. The absolutely brilliant and gone WAY too soon, Richard Tee’s on keyboards and Simon’s singing solo.

In any case, after the mini concert, the kiddles all funneled back to their respective classrooms for arts and crafts. We got to join in! Hands was the theme of the day.

In Julianna’s room, collages were the thing. She traced our big paws, then her own wee ones – cut them out, pasted hers over ours and put a heart shape on top of each. JESUS, I was tearing up once again!

In Madison’s class, the kiddles were more free form with the art. Madison’s beautiful, trippy drawing puts Joy Division’s cover for Unknown Pleasures in mind. Madison’s is much cooler though. N'est–ce pas? Yes. Yes indeed.

We then had to fill out interview sheets.
Where did you grow up? Never a simple question for me to answer.
What games did you like to play when you were my age? Hide and Seek, Red Rover, Tag
Did you have pets? Me  no. TAB  a cat named Rocky. (Cool and now we have Rocco!)
What was your favorite class? Art (duh)
Did you like to read? YES!
Fav book when you were my age? Anne of Green Gables for me. Treasure Island for TAB.
I forget the rest of the questions now but we did stick to non-fiction – not always our first impulse. Then it was picture time! A pro photographer was there to capture us four clowns together. Madison was melting over top of TAB and I and Julianna was on my lap. Can't wait to get the prints!

And then we got on the road for the long drive home where Coco and Rocco had mini guilt trips to lay on us. They never stay mad for long. Probably because, moments after we walk in the door, I dispense the catnip treats. Yes, I do know how to distract and bribe our furry beasts.

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