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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I don’t give myself enough damn credit.

I find myself focusing on what I’ve NOT gotten done each day/week/month instead of what I have accomplished.

And then there are those days when I find myself still in my frowzy, forest green robe and slippers at *gasp* noon. When I notice the time and my bagged out, bedraggled state, my first reaction is ALWAYS a raft of shit “You slovenly cow!," I yell at myself, "Get dressed! Get busy!”  Except, here’s the thing – by noon, I’ve:
  • done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen
  • fed all the cats and cleaned their litter boxes
  • written and drawn my blog post
  • put in a couple, few hours or so at work (since I work from home all freelancey-like, I punch in whenever. This morning, I clocked in at 4:30)
  • paid the bills (and there are always bills!)
  • caught up on correspondence
  • sorted out the day’s menu (what 's fer DINNAH!)
  • made a list of other stuff that needs done around the house
So yeah, I haven’t stepped into the rain room yet BUT, fer poor baby Bast’s sake, I’ve been busy. I’ve been getting shit done!

And I do commit those acts of hygiene. Really and true! Every day!

Now then, it’s molto importante to for me to have a To Do list, prioritize the shit outta that sucker and keep it close at hand (versus losing it under a pile of old junk mail).  If I don’t, well boyhowdy, mountains of shit fall by the wayside.

My fabulous Aunt Mary Ann used to keep a daily diary. I found it while I was sorting out the house after she died. I was SO psyched. I figured I’d get more of a window into her thoughts and dreams. Nope. It was radically banal. After making note of the weather, she wrote what she’d done that day. Dishes, paid water bill, fed birds, dusted baseboards. Yawn.

BUT I’ve come to see that a diary doesn’t need to be about confessions and catharsis (though those are great reasons to keep one). It can be an ongoing Ding Dong Done list – a way to keep myself on track AND evidence, for my too quick to self-chastise brain to see/KNOW, that I am in fact getting mega-loads accomplished each day.

My best To Do list is the daily calendar app on my computer. Generally, that’s just for doc appointments, work meetings, scheduled travel, which bills must be paid on any given day and social engagements. Two things that I need, need, NEED to start putting in there though (if it’s on the calendar, it def gets done) – time to paint and exercise. Lately both keep getting fluffed off and that’s nae good for body and mind functionality.

Hmmm, that daily list’s getting mighty long. Perhaps I ought to schedule in my chill time too. Pfft, nah. I’ll remember! //snorts, rolls eyes//
Gratuitous Seagull shot (Jen thinks of them as the avian version of cats – naturally I concur).

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