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Monday, May 2, 2016

Rain Escape

Damn, I’m glad I didn’t give in to my lazy, Nap Queen inclinations and, instead, went for a ride yesterday. We’re due for rain ALL week. *sigh* Ya know what needs to be invented and mega rápidamente too?

A Holodeck. Just think of how awesome it’d be to simply step through a door in your own home and be on Skye or Hoy (yeah, I’m in a Scotland State of Mind this morning. Could be all the rain). I could hike around the Quiraing, goggle and marvel (but NOT hike – it’s totes beyond me) the Black Cuillin or lay out on the cliff top across from the Old Man of Hoy sketching the guillemots and puffins (just like I did on my very first trip there!).

Hells bells, I could pedal my three wheeled steed through the Holodeck door and ride, ride, ride the paths and single track roads around the islands. In real life, the cost of shipping my trike to Scotland might be prohibitive AND, while there are plenty of two wheel bike rental joints, recumbent three wheelers just aren't a thing... yet.

Ren, just before Rey cleans his slimy clock
Research! I must investigate the shit outta this! My niece Maya's going to college in Edinburgh now – maybe she could scout around a bit for me.

Rey, giving Ren a good old Jedi Fuck YOU
Here's another rainy day thought – a Millennium Falcon would come in real handy right now. Sure, sure, it's reputedly a hunk of junk BUT it's fast, roomy and the pilots are awesome!  Mebbe Rey and Chewie could drop me off in Vienna? Rainy days are great for museuming and Vienna's got a zillion of 'em – all wicked fabuloso too.

Jen, Oni, The Amazing Bob and I all watched The Force Awakens yesterday – this time in the comfort of the living room. DAY-um, I can't wait for the next episode! Rey's a tremendous heroine. I'm just wild about Finn. (and do they get busy with each other at some point? I hope so.) Poe Dameron's gorgeous and I'd like to ogle his big screen presence a bit more. I can't wait to see Kylo outdone AGAIN. And has Han in some way escaped death? Will he return? Is Rey Luke's daughter? I really wanna know her backstory! Also too, why does Luke have a rude looking metal hand versus one that looks more real? If the tech is there to build ships that can jump to hyperspace, if motorcycle-like fast hovercrafts exist and there are droids smarter than most humans, how come he's got a hand that would embarrass Frankenstein?

Just wondering and shit.

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