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Monday, May 9, 2016

My Life in the Bush of Randomness

I've irrational amounts of joy that I could use the word cortege in my Words with Friends game this morning.  Aaaah, satisfaction. Normally, to score a reasonable amount of points I’ve got to employ wholly mundane words, like dash or strum. *sniff*

How long before I get to pull out tatterdemalion or, ya know, salmagundi? Hmmmmm?
Sadiq Khan, the new mayor of London, got totally awesome congrats from Captain Kirk.
Baracks O’Bama has pronounced that the Republican convention is actually Schrödinger's convention. He's right of course.
TBogg calls out Doctor Jill Stein. I only mention it but, Doc Stein, you may wish to read up, you know, get some facts before you throw out such Republican-esque bullshit. Mister Bogg then goes on to note the parallel between the Browns and the Greens.
John Scalzi both confirms AND denies that successful novelists bathe in the blood of up and coming short story writers by the light of the full moon.

WHICH is it Mister Scalzi – we readers need to know!
Sherman Alexie destroys hope. *sob*
And the sun FINALLY came out.

All good things arrive unto them that wait and don’t die in the meantime.
~ Mark Twain

Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.
~ Vladimir Nabokov

OH! Good point, dude!
America is Waiting – Brian Eno, David Byrne from the album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

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