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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trike Season

As magically lovely and mysterious as the past ten days of mist-bound, murky, chill rain have been I’m mega psyched to see the sun AND warmer temps. Yesterday I unsheathed my trusty steed, strapped on my bunny fur matting helmet and rode, rode, rode. 

Yup, feeling it today. Obvs it’s time to start doing the knee exercises again. Lazy thing that I am, I hadn’t done them, much, all winter. Jen’s got wonky knees too which has, over this past year, wreaked havoc with her beloved running habit. She’s much more consistent and diligent with the rehab drills than me. I need to take a lesson here – get with the program and shit. I do if I want to take epic rides anytime soon.

Triking and running – our brands of meditation.

I need to get chubby tires so that I can ride the trails around the Neck and in the nearby Blue Hills. Oni – our resident trike god – tells me that my trike frame is incompatible with mountain trike tires. I haz a big fat sad here. I'd hate like hell to have to buy a whole 'nother beast so's I can go off road. Also too – they don't come cheap by any means. I believe I'll head over to the local bike emporium and see if they've any thoughts.

Meantime – it's a gorgeous day and I gotta go work on my quads and hamstrings. *sigh*
Before the sun cane out – so many beautiful colors of grey.
And then we entered technicolor-ville

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