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Friday, June 3, 2016


Wanna know how the Globe, of all rags, headlines Clinton’s brill, honest, no bullshit, no punches pulled speech?

The online version is titled Hillary Clinton wants you to be afraid of Trump
The ink on paper version screams Clinton seeks to stoke fear of Trump

followed by:
If Donald Trump’s unexpected rise has been fueled by the anger seething in America’s heartland, Hillary Clinton is seeking to harness a different emotion to beat him to the White House: fear that a Trump presidency would make the world a more dangerous place.
 As though that’s all it was about – campaign maneuvering. Jesus, she spoke the bald, damn truth. I’m sick to near death of the media’s persistence in making this a nail-biting horse race, a mega suspense filled summer Hollywood action movie come to life. Yeah, I got it, you want to sell papers and get mondo clicks on your site. How fucking craven. Trump's a vile, mentally disturbed, fascist but it's all about clicks and newspaper sales, apparently.

The Globe goes on to say that she was:
Speaking before an array of 19 American flags, the former secretary of state notably did not mention Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who is giving her a serious challenge in Tuesday’s California primary.
Yes, I believe I need to go find a bone to smoke, thenkew.
The site Real Clear Politics shows a collection of polls on the primary. Every single one shows Clinton winning. The LA Times poll has her up by 10 points. In the NBC/WSJ/Marist poll she’s only up by two. The average of all the polls? She’s up by 4.7.  So yeah, I think she’s got California covered and WHY would she mention Sanders in her speech on foreign policy anyway?!

You’ll never guess who’s come out negative on Clinton’s speech – yup, Sanders. He goes on to paint her as having only a slightly less itchy trigger finger than Trump. This despite his own record of opposing sensible gun control at home AND his history of wanting to war it up.
…the difference between the two candidates on war is hardly substantial and his political closet is filled with just as many skeletons. Notably he supported NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, a stance that caused one of his staffers to resign in protest.
Sanders has become a useful tool to the "right" just like his predecessor, Nader.

Can we please just get this shit show done and over with? Please!?

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