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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Jen, Oni and I went to see Ghostbusters last night.

Maybe it was too soon after my mondo, horrific loss for me to go to a big, summer, happy, blockbuster. Just FYI – this, that The Amazing Bob is gone, blows gargantuan Gamera wang. Or maybe it was that there was a shit ton of dialogue so I had to keep lifting the 3-D glasses to read the little closed caption display. Maybe it’s that we went to an evening show versus a matinee and, as ya’ll well know, I am most def a morning person.

The flick was fun. Definitely. We’ll rent it when it comes out on vid (or download or whatever it is “we” do now) so’s I can view it again, not in 3-D and at an hour that’s more in keeping with my current, wonky sleep/wake patterns. I’ll assuredly catch more of the repartee then too.

Here’s what stood out to me big and mega bold – the inventor Jillian Holtzmann played by Kate McKinnon. Holy flaming shit, she was incredibly awesome!
“Most great comedy people like to live on the edge,” Feig told Vulture this week, “but Kate lives about ten feet past the edge, suspended in midair with no parachute.” (source)
I want to be McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann when I grow up. Ya know, should that ever happen and don’t hold yur breath.

The worst parts of last night’s big this-is-supposed-to-be-fun-dammit outing?
A) We went to dinner beforehand and I ordered something called The Pain Eraser. Yeah, with a handle like that, I HAD to order it. FYI, didn’t work.
B) Post movie, as we exited the fabulously comfortable Braintree cinema, I realized that TAB wasn’t waiting up for me at home. I wouldn’t be walking in the door, breathlessly telling him all about how utterly cool McKinnon was. I wouldn’t be vogueing any of her awesome moves for him or pestering him to buy me a pair of goggles JUST LIKE HERS!
Do you know how completely full to the brim of hot molasses covered, bloated maggot carcasses that was? Yeah, you might and I’m very sorry if you do. I was a big ol' sobby mess the whole way home in the car. I noticed the beautiful, not quite full, deep orange moon and remarked that TAB was alive at the last full moon. He was here to view my fuzzy pics (I just can't manage to take a good night shots) and encourage me to try again next month.

I’m not giving up on the movie escapism yet. I’m gonna go see a matinee of The Secret Life of Pets  maybe today or tomorrow. And Star Trek Beyond opens TOMORROW! Suicide Squad which looks like all kinds of big, skeezy fun, opens on August 5th.

Hollywood blockbusters as broken spirit salve – this could work!

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