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Sunday, October 9, 2016


You may recall that I’ve been binge watching the shit out of Big Bang Theory. It was one of The Amazing Bob’s fave shows and it is mine. What’s better than an afternoon spent knitting and Big Banging? Not bloody much, I’m tellin’ you.

The character Dr. Sheldon Cooper annoys the hell outta me BUT, at the same time, through the great distance of fiction and television, I find him charming. Balancing out his heinously clueless traits are:
  • the Calvin Ball-esque games he invents
  • the special nights he sets up for comic book store group outings and playing old video games (including Zork which was invented by the ex-beau of an old roomie of mine. Hells bells, I even played Zork back in the day),
  • he possesses a mad love for Star Trek and, specifically. identifies with Spock (yes, I so relate)
  • He has a childlike love for toy trains
And that's the short list.

The behavior that makes me want to scream?
His complete, casually cruel condescension to all. He is so blindingly certain of his own obvious intellectual superiority – all those around him are no more than ignorant mental midgets who are just lucky to enjoy his company and wisdom.
His naive idiocies are amusing though (because they’re not directed at me!):
Sheldon: I can't believe he fired me.
Leonard: Well, you did call him a "glorified high school science teacher whose last successful experiment was lighting his own farts."
Sheldon: In my defense, I prefaced that with, "with all due respect."
~ from The Luminous Fish Effect
I’ve known way too fucking many Sheldon’s in my life.  Unlike TV Sheldon, the real life ones lack the quirky charms and wit. Delightful, no? No, not so you'd notice. 

Also too, none of them are genius-level theoretical physicistsThat choice bit doesn't make the self-obsessed, unfeeling, horseshit behavior AOK but actual brilliance does, ever so slightly, blunt impact. 

Here’s the thing – while I’m rockin’ the monster sad, the not-sure-I-can-continue-on-this-planet-without-TAB blues, I need to stay as far away from these carelessly insensitive types as possible. Yes, the conceited shit swizzlers get to me and my sense of humor goes AWOL. Nae good. This also, naturally, means that I won't be watching the debate tonight. I'm feeling, just yet, a wee bit too fragile to be able to laugh at the lies, blusterings and other assorted rat feces masquerading as debate from the poster boy for narcissistic, egomaniacal callousness.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.
~ Mark Twain

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.
~ Dr. Seuss
Sheldon: [reluctantly apologizing to Dr. Gablehauser] As you know, several weeks ago in our first encounter, we may have gotten off on the wrong foot when I called you an idiot. And I just wanted to say that I was wrong... to point it out. (source)

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