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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cheeto Hell

I just can’t deal this morning. Every day brings a fresh hod of insanity.
Now might be a good time to shoot off a letter to every rep who'll listen and maybe even fight. The Fluorescent Grifter, right outta the gate, has some mega astounding conflicts of interest (DUH!) and, just for starts, stands to be in solid violation of the constitution. (source)
Consider the fact that the party of racist Geert Wilders is currently leading in the polls in the Netherlands. Far-rightist Norbert Hofer is neck-and-neck with his Greens Party opponent in the race for Austria's presidency. And white nationalist Marine Le Pen could conceivably win the French presidency.

I assume Trump's going to roll out the red carpet for all of these folks if they win. He's not just going to accept the results of these elections -- he's going to prioritize the normalization of these governments. He's going to lavish the winners with more praise and a warmer D.C. welcome than he's going to extend to, say, Angela Merkel.
“Donald Trump’s transition team has reassured AT&T that its $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner will be scrutinized without prejudice,” the Financial Timesreported yesterday. “After talking with the president-elect’s team, AT&T executives are confident that their deal has a good chance of passing regulatory scrutiny, people informed about the conversation said.” [Ars Technica]
All this happened in the last coupla days. Just imagine the devastation Cheeto Jesus can wreak once he’s actually in office. So yeah, I feel like burrowing under my blankets, not coming out for four years. Instead, I gotta get up, get out, fight and survive.

Toward that end, there’s the OH CRAP! WHAT NOW? SURVIVAL GUIDE,
a crowdsourced collection of health, legal, and safety plans and resources + social, digital and economic security related resources urgent now as an outcome of the recent US election.
There’s Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for January 2017’s change in American government. A LOT of helpful links here.

Ruby-Beth Buitekant at HuffPo has a post up with valuable suggestions: Okay, Fine. Here’s What You Should Do Post-Election.

Also too, let's boycott the bloodless fuckers who’ve supported Trump! Might not be possible to boycott all these businesses but I'm gonna try. Check out the links. Rilly!

All I can say is, thank the little baby Bast for the Y, I'm gonna go attempt to lower my blood pressure and pedal off some of this mondo pissed offedness.

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