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Friday, February 24, 2017

Fin de Semaine

It’s been one hell of a week.

I’m still struggling with the flea issue. The cats seem fine (they’ve had the prescription flea-be-gone meds) but my skin suit’s a solid sheet of bites. Yeah, no fun. I’ve washed all the bedding (TWICE!) vacuumed, swept, sprayed Off and Flea-Go-the-Fuck-Away everywhere. They should all be dead now. Still, I’m itchy as all hell. Are these fresh bites or old? I’d flea bomb the hell outta the joint BUT I don’t know how I’d get poor Rocco out of the house. I rilly don’t want to traumatize him.

Coco? She’d be all ROAD TRIP! Our girl's more of an adventurer.
Saw this comic by Robot Hugs recently.
Robot Hugs is a webcomic updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or thereabouts. It is about a lot of things, but you can expect to see a lot of cats, a bunch of identity, gender, and sexuality discussions, and explorations of depression and mental illness, especially in the winter. Robot Hugs may include occasional cartoon depictions of nudity and discussion of sexuality – NSFW comics are generally labelled as such.
From the About page:
Their hobbies include worrying, being concerned about things they can’t change, being angry, being uselessly angry, hiding from the world, and knitting.
Yes, I believe I’ve found a stone solid fellow traveler.
Stupid shit seen while in line at the grocery – The Globe and The Enquirer. I know – OF COURSE! They're legendary in their inanity.

Do the writers/editors actually believe the crap they publish or are they just looking to scam $2.30 outta all the sad, angry Republican voting marks? Does it matter?

Hillary caught feeling country – to escape jail? FOR WHAT!? Unlike Trump, she’s committed no crimes. After almost 40 years of near constant investigations you’d think, if anything jail deserving existed, it woulda been found. The Benghazi shit-show alone cost us taxpaying types (i.e., NOT Trump) $6.8 million — nearly $8,000 per day. What’d they discover? Not too bloody much.
 Rep. Jason Chaffetz promised that just because he shook Hillary Clinton's hand at President Donald Trump's inauguration doesn't mean he'll abandon his investigation of her. (source)
Yeah, that's a GREAT use of taxpayer dough, eh? If Trump was subjected to that level of scrutiny, I bet we’d find LOADS of juicy crimes, misdemeanors and wicked indiscretions.

Obama’s got a secret plot to impeach Trump? Gee, how do you suppose a, sadly, former prez, someone no longer in office, is gonna accomplish that? I thought, for a microsecond about buying this fish wrap just so’s I could read some bizarre, feral fiction.

This shit’d be funny if it weren’t for the fact that people, including our president (!!!), believe all this horrifically execrable nonsense.
Unseasonably warm here – in the 60ºs today and tomorrow. I'd be more climate freaked but it'll be back in the New-England-in-February 40s by Sunday. Also too, freakage isn't gonna get Scott Pruitt outta the EPA. Voting the asswipes out, writing our congressscritters, attending town halls, being engaged in our government and, yes, protesting will do a whole fuckton more than worry and fret action.

I suppose I'm gonna be all anxious anyway. Deep breathes. Yoga breathing. Gotta get into the habit of doing this, along with my Y time, every damn day! Yeah, I can go sit on the seawall, focus on the bitty waves and breath. 'scuse me, I think it's time to do that RIGHT NOW.

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