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Monday, March 20, 2017

Slings, Arrows, Cats and Bugs

My sweet, odd boy in the early AM dark.
To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them.
~ Willy the Shake

 My fearful warrior ex-feral is getting much worse and I’m not sure what to do. He’s just dragging his back end now, not quite completely making it to his litter box (though he tries!) and he’s not as excited about his food (it's tuna!). Also, he only purred a tiny bit this morning. I patted and skritched for some time and, usually, he’s a jet engine the second I start.

Our boy's not 24/7 sleeping and he seems alert and hip to what up around him – he’s just not able to get up and around. I’ll try giving him haddock for lunch – maybe that'll help.

I don’t want him to suffer but I also totally don’t want to jump the euthanasia gun. I love my strange little fella somethin’ fierce!

My inclination is to hover, to beg him to eat a little something, to attempt to carry him everywhere (he's NEVER been keen on being picked up). I gotta give him space – he MAY survive this (ALL fingers crossed).

In great need of distraction (obvs), I went to my local book and vid emporium yesterday. I’m all set in BookLand. Just finished the first in Martin Millar’s fab Thraxas series and have begun a nifty little dystopian-ish/horror/thriller/Punk Rock paperback, The Empty Ones by Robert Brockway. So far, so strangely rivetting. It begins at a Ramones’ show on New Years Eve 1977 and dials up the wild from there. Psyched!

So yeah, I’m full up with reading matter but not so much with the video beguilements. I’ve never, not since high school anyway, been much a of TV watcher. Sure I tuned into Buffy and Angel (honestly now, who didn’t?) and there’s our sacrosanct weekend tea time rituals BUT, generally, the set’s dark. Since The Amazing Bob went all mortal coil-free I’ve been popping in the disks. I blew through Big Bang Theory and occasional take in a Mary Tyler Moore show (one of TAB’s faves). Needed something new though. Guess what I found ON SALE! Two collections of vintage Looney Tunes – YES!

I now have Haredevil Hare with Marvin the Martian, his faithful but dim dog K-9 AND Uranium PU-36. Awesome! I’ve got Bugs and the Three Bears, the Roadrunner in Fast and Furry-ous and WAY more. Yes, I’m totally psyched.

I also picked (again – on big sale!) Tales from the Crypt – the television show. I’ve got the first AND second seasons. Jesus I’m set for a while now. Hillel’s coming over for dinner tomorrow night – what will we watch (she giddily wonders)?

Yesterday Joe came over for lunch and movies. After a few awesome cartoons we popped in Tomorrowland. I hadn’t see it since it first came out in ’15 – I quite liked it then, even more so now. Warum? Given Trump and his team of rapacious, myopic, egoist Republican shitstain's efforts to kill off the country (MY country!), this was just the hopeful, all-is-not-lost, LET’S DO THIS fable I needed.

Will we all stay fiercely motivated, focused and organized long enough to beat the fuckers? Will I? More cartoons, visits to Berlin and cats triumphing over adversity will surely help.

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