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Friday, February 26, 2021

Nothing to Say

It’s Friday. I’ve nothing interesting. informative. enlightening or terribly amusing to say. I’ve been cleared for surgery but have not, as yet, met with the charming cutter, Doc Barker. Dunno what my risks are but I imagine they’ll run the usual gamut from loss of mobility in my left leg (the one that’s weak now) to death – croaking is always on the table (whether I play scalpel, scalpel – who’s got the scalpel or not)..

I’ll still have seizures post slice up – just fewer. Hopefully, my daily, balance-banjaxing, Keppra dose will be MUCH lower.

Coco has been doing one hell-of-a-job as guard kitten. She obeys all Ten’s command (go sit on Donna’s lap – don’t let her get up, if you must abandon your post, stare at her ferociously so she’s too afraid to move, etc.)

So, once again, it’s Friday. Almost time to do leg lifts, clamshells and other assorted strength building exercises.  By the by, all pics were taken by Ten and messed around with by yurs truly.

 Jethro Tull – Nothing to Say

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