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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

And Then There's This

Here’s today’s good news – today is Ten’s birthday. YEA Ten! We’ll wait until Saturday to celebrate since Jen and Oni get off work late and we wanna/NEED to have Mexican food and Fratelli’s choco cake to exalt his big day.

Not so great news – I seem to be depressed. OK, not depressed so much as sad. I have a colossal  case of the sads. Warum? Fer fuck’s sake, it's been…what…nearly three motherfucking months now and I still can’t walk. Time’s a wastin’ mes amis – I got people be, things to see, paintings to fuck up and all that.

I’m, understandably, very sad. I’m NOT, however, depressed.
Sadness is a normal reaction to a loss, disappointment, problems, or other difficult situations.
Depression is a mental illness that affects your mood, the way you understand yourself, and the way you understand and relate to things around you
. (source)

Given that I’m sad and not suffering from depression, I can just perk the fuck up, right? No and not bloody likely.

I expect I’ll lighten the fuck up once I can walk again but what if I can’t (walk again) or what if I can only ambulate with a walker? Look, I was never a hiker or a runner – NOW I’ve an excellent excuse! Hey, I’d just LOVE to scale Katahdin with you but…ya know (waves vaguely at walker).  Or Sure, that 10K sounds wonderful but…(sniffs dramatically whilst pointing at walker). NOT that ANYone would ever mistake me for an athletic sort.

What if a wheelchair is the bestest way for me to get around? Huzzah, I get to sit all the time! Jen’s already bought me a snazzy Drive wheeled chair and my friend Kathy recommended some kind of gel shit that’ll make sitting upright more comfy. Cool, cool. Frankly, I think I’m more the wheeled divan type. In a deep purple velvet, thenkyouvedymuch.

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