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Monday, July 19, 2021

I Have a Few Questions

As one does... 

Q: Where does wind come from on earth and in space?

On Earth:
The energy that drives wind originates with the sun, which heats the Earth unevenly, creating warm spots and cool spots. Two simple examples of this are sea breezes and land breezes.

Sea breezes occur when inland areas heat up on sunny afternoons. That warms the air, causing it to rise. Cooler air rushes in from the ocean to take its place and presto, a wind is born. By late afternoon, a strong breeze can be blowing dozens of miles inland. A similar effect can occur near big lakes, where the wind is referred to as a lake breeze.
Land breezes come at night, when inland temperatures drop enough that the ocean is now warmer than the land, reversing the effect. (source)


In space:
The solar wind is created by the outward expansion of plasma (a collection of charged particles) from the Sun’s corona (outermost atmosphere). This plasma is continually heated to the point that the Sun’s gravity can’t hold it down. It then travels along the Sun’s magnetic field lines that extend radially outward. (source)
Do dreams mean anything? Maybe.  Sometimes. Not necessarily but could be.
I think dreams are thinking in a different biochemical state.
~ Deirdre Barrett, a psychologist and dream researcher at Harvard Medical School

Read this post at Time mag’s site for the definitive indefiniteness.

Q: Watching Star Trek :Discovery—Could there be alternate universes?
Possibly. If so, who am I there? Who is Ten? Jen? Oni?

A: In that alternate universe, we’re all, perhaps, straight laced, button down, undertipping conservatives who regularly attend some asshole, big box, con job church for suckers. OR we're serial (or cereal? Death to  Cap'n Crunch!) killers? Yeah EWWWWWW. I don’t even want to take a quick visit to any of those places.

Q; What, if anything, goes on in the mind of Trumpers, anti-vaxxers and other assorted crazies?
More Q: Is it all dissatisfaction with their lives? This ignites a need to dive into conspiratorial fantasies in order to place the blame for their failure to rise up live life’s challenges and brilliantly thrive?

Maybe they’re just astoundingly stupid and easily corralled?

I’m talking about the average Jean and Joe, not the rich attention whores. Fame sluts include Caitlyn Jenner, Scott Baio, Jon Voight and other D list celebs. Are they in it for the spotlight time? They hope to revive faded or flat out dead careers Maybe they're rodeo clowns for bucks? They get the poor bull (the public) distracted while the tiny-dicked cowboy goes in for the kill.

 OR are all these twats simply addle brained dimwits. Probably all of the above. 

I've got a lot of time and questions lately. I suppose it's part of the recovery process. Ya know, have to keep the mind occupied whilst doing all those damn leg lifts.

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