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Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Let’s talk about yesterday. I had my annual boob squishing (AKA mammogram). It went well—no cancer here. Yea me! As a very dear part of me was being pressed like a common cubed ham, I thought, given this past crazy difficult year, it’d just be so ME to now be diagnosed with tit cancer. Nope, didn’t happen.

Again—YEA ME!
The tech was très awesome. Ya know how we babes, afterward, have to wait for the radiologist to view our headlight scans? My tech told the doc let’s have some più veloce action here—my girl just had a craniotomy. She’s a little antsy. Yup, I got pushed to the head of a long line. See? Sometimes brain salad surgery can be a plus.

One last thing, as Jen, post press and happy results, was handing me my brassiere, I exclaimed, oh, fuck that bra shit. Yeah, I apologized to the tech for my foul mouth. She then showed me her ‘I solemnly swear a lot pin.’ Ah, disregard that oopsie then!

Jen and I then motored down to Dairy Freeze for our traditional MGH follow up—a chilled dessert item.

So then, have some pics of our I’m-ready-for-my-close-up-now-Mr. DeMille cats, shots from my weekend wheel along the seawall and a bit more.

A baby catalpa tree, planted to honor Daddy. It was his favorite tree.

Rug from my Grand's sitting room—my favorite rug.

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