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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bored Now

I’m taking a break from my constant kvetching about my health. NO, really I am! Sadly, I have little else to say.

On an up note, my new at-home physical therapist will be here later for an eval of my pathetic-ness levels. She'll set up a plan, a scheme to get me back up and hobbling. Plus, I’m exhibiting slightly less weakness today versus yesterday. So far anyway. Yea me, huh?

Oh, here’s something, Ten and I will go look at cars on Saturday. We’re after an all electric Mini. I’m psyched! Psyched despite our disagreements over color. I want bright orange and yellow paisley with a hint of turquoise (that's not so over the top is it?). Ten’s into grey. There’s a compromise to be had, I’m sure of it!

I expect I’m repeating myself here. Considering how little I’m able to get up and out, you wouldn’t need a crystal ball, a precog or a weatherman to see the wind blowing that way.

Yup, I've hit the big, shiny
fatigue heights with myself. What would Willow do?

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