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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

I Have Some Complaints

First, did I mention that I now have a Kindle? Yes, I probably did. Here’s my gripe—it’s unbelievably difficult to download a book to my Kindle versus my phone. And that's after I’m able to locate the book I want to read. 

There’s some bogus app called Libby which connects me to my library but, once there, it takes forever to locate the specific book or author I want to read. I’m awash in suggested titles though. These are usually lightyears off from my interests.

Once I manage to find the author it’s easy enough to hit the ‘borrow’ button but I have no fucking clue as how I’m supposed to get it to appear on my Kindle. Sure I can download it onto my iPhone but getting it onto the damn Kindle is a fucking mystery.

How’ve I managed it so far? I just keep hitting the screen and it eventually appears. This is NOT a good way to run a railroad, mes amis. I just picked out a new book, clicked on ‘Deliver to Donna’s Kindle’ and nothing, nada, niente! Given that I’m ridiculously fragile and can't just run over to the neighbor's house to ask for help, this is massively frustrating.

Am I hitting this roadblock because I’m officially old and can’t manage all this tech that the kids just zoom through or are these sites decidedly NOT user friendly?

Next complaint, after I take one of these nasty falls, my morale, confidence and forward momentum dive into the toilet. Yeah, I’m swimming in places that even blob fishes won’t go.

My black eye is fading. My face is less swollen. Now I need to inflate my morale and confidence. I’ll never walk again if I think I can’t.

Third issue—my wonderful cat. Why, WHY does she want to sleep on my neck and WHY do I feel so guilty about removing her? If I’m laying down, my neck is her immediate target. Not good, not good. She’s a determined kitten too—removing her doesn’t seem to get the message across. She just comes back—again and again. I’ve gotta find a way to make my neck less appealing.

As for the guilt—that's just how I roll with felines. It can't be avoided.

Also too, my voice to text device (Live Transcribe on a Chrome tablet) always translates kitten as captain. Jen says its because of my Boston accent—I don’t strongly pronounce the Ts in the middle of words. Huh. I didn’t know that I have a Boston accent. I suppose, having lived here for 41 years, it shouldn’t be a big surprise.

Okay, I’m done kvetching. Thank you for listening.

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