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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Status Check

Coco's just knocked out after all of yesterday's rehabbing.
Yesterday I did 10, count 'em TEN, minutes on the elliptical. One month ago I was able to do three minutes. Mind you, I did the 10 in two parts—five minutes in the morning and five in the evening. This was on top of walking up AND back down (def harder than ascending) the 13 stairs from first to second floors.

OK, OK, I know this doesn’t sound like much BUT, given last year’s two mobility stealing neurosurgeries, this is big stuff. Finally, I’m seeing progress that can be viewed without the use of an electron microscope.

More awesomeness? I’m not in pain this morning—tired as all hell but there are no post-ex piercing arrows of misery. YEA!

Just one month ago, taking a shower (seated) counted as exercise. I’d even get to nap afterward. I guess I’m now at the recovery point where bathing is no more than regular old hygiene action—not exercise. Good in that this means I’m getting better. But…rats. Putting personal sanitation in the rehab column made me feel like I was doing more/enough. See? I’m not a complete lazy slag I showered. “Lazy slag” is my default setting but you knew that.

Today, if the snow melts and rain holds off, I’ll have a walk on the seawall (temperature’s expected to hit 41º—a heat wave!) and clock more time on the elliptical.

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