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Thursday, May 19, 2022


This is my second morning since radiation ended. I don’t need to be up, bathed, dressed and out the door by 8AM (making the long, annoying, bumpy ride into MGH). I’m liking this a LOT.

I’ve hit the heavy fatigue portion of post-proton therapy. What’s this look like? I’m taking naps and every energy expenditure takes a lot more effort and concentration. Bothersome and distinctly UNthrilling.

Over the past two months+ I’d made a big jump in my progress. I began walking a half mile or more on most days. I can now walk up and down the stairs like a generally healthy human. I can even take a few steps without using my walker. I’ve worked so damn hard to reach this point and don’t want to give up ground—not even temporarily.

I’ve been in rehab and recovery mode, on and off—mostly on, for the past few years. I'm def sick of this shit and ready to be back to abby-normal NOW!

One of my physical therapists recommended that I break up my exercising into smaller chunks. Fer instance, instead of walking half a mile all at once, I could take a few, shorter walks throughout the day. Instead of doing 20 minutes on the elliptical in one go, I could do five minute sets, four times a day.
So, that’s the plan.

Activity breeds increased energy—the more I do, the more I’m capable of doing. According to the docs, this outrageous fatigue shit will last anywhere from three to four weeks BUT I’ve read that it can also last for two to three months. Months? UNACCEPTABLE!

Ten and I have begun talking about taking a little vaca. While Valhalla is at its most glorious right now, we surely need to take time away. Ya know, spend awhile on another beach, in the woods, on top of a mountain or two. No, I won’t be hiking up any mountains or trekking through woods (maybe) but…hells bells…I wouldn’t be doing that even if I was healthy. How can I enjoy the beauty of a tree or get all rhapsodic over a gorgeous hilltop view if I have to clomp past it. I want to sit and drink it all in without all the damn work. Also, until I can walk independently, my rollator would def need some mountain bike tires.

Luckily, we live in New England so forests, peaks and alternate beaches are all within a day’s drive. 

High tide at home

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