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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Is this the right room for an argument?

Let’s rename Twitter “Fight Club.”

The whole purpose of the app seems to be about contrariness and/or throwing grade school taunts. Note: I did not say debate or discussion. Why exchange ideas when you can throw deranged fiction bombs?

Seriously, the joint’s riddled with meth addled trolls. Maybe the name should be changed to The Troll Farm?

There are the:

  • ridiculous Fox “news” fueled, fecal spewings of the MAGAt crowd in response to any factual tweets made by respected intelligent individuals.
  • the mini dicked (and brained) who are just looking for a fight over ANYTHING. You say the sky is blue and someone’s bound to show up telling you it’s orange. OR you say it's blue and the arguer pipes up with "NO it's not. The sky is blue!" Reading comprehension seems to be unimportant to a lot of Twitters.
  • Mansplainers
  • Well actually-ers
  • misogynoir asswipes from both the left and the right.
  • people who pop into comments just to tell you that X, Y or Z heinousosity wouldn’t have occurred if everyone was worshipping THEIR brand of GOD (invariably it’s the white, prosperity bullshit, anti-equality “christian” god).

There’s someone on their this morning who’s piously and stridently going off about how they eat half a dozen or more eggs a day and it’s perfectly safe because the brain is “almost all cholesterol.Ah…no. This one was in response to a benign tweet about loving eggs but needing to cut down on them.

One of my favorite follows was permanently suspended for calling a male MAGA congressman a “hoe."

And yet Eric Greitens, who’s running for a Senate seat in Missouri, can post his video/ad where he’s flashing a shotgun, is flanked by camo-clad men carrying assault weapons and is inviting everyone to join him in "RINO hunting." (Republicans in Name Only)

Yeah, totally cool to advocate mass murder and assassinations but Bast forbid you call someone (who totally deserved it) a slutty gardening tool.

Then there are the folks who post beautiful art, hilarious quips, trenchant rants and/or pet pics. That's why I stay. Not today though. I got my fill yesterday of parrot dropping brained rage addicts.

Why can't everyone argue civilly like Monty Python's crew?


  1. I personally liked the Dead Parrot Sketch from Monty Python.
    I'm so fed up with that place (Twitter). But I have to say I do go into the Savage Jungle at night when I can't sleep and the place is rampant with MAGAts. It seems so wild with the crazy garbage that they spew. Why can't they just settle down and play nice instead of promoting useless Faux News you might ask? Well, because trump made it okay to spew garbage. I'm guessing that when trump goes to jail it will die down. But we will have to wait and see. Please Goddess, Let it die down and they all go back into their caves for another 1000 years. Please?

    1. I've muted and blocked so many people, I feel like I'm living in a bubble. I'm kind of OK with that too.