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Thursday, October 6, 2022

What's Up?

 I don’t have the strength, stamina or, realistically, the true desire to sleep in the biting cold BUT, staying at the Icehotel Winter in JukkasjÀrvi, Sweden (about 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland), is absolutely intriguing.
Every year when the winter comes, the pristine waters the meandering of Torne River slow down and freeze into ice. On one chilly day in 1989, the first ever Icehotel was hand-sculpted out of these massive ice blocks harvested from this very river running alongside.
Ice rooms are furnished with decor and beds made of ice. Art suites, on the other hand, offer an even more special experience – staying in a room uniquely designed by commissioned artists from all over the world.
So, the hotel is brandy new every year. The sculptures—the walls, ceiling, the art —are ephemeral, created fresh each November only to melt in spring.

I LOVE this!

The joint’s, as you might imagine, pricey at 9,000 and 15,000 SEK (Swedish Krona) per night. In U.S. dollars that’s about $990-$1,650. This includes breakfast and sauna access but not the cost of getting there from Valhalla.

Maybe next year.
Yesterday, Colonel Nicole Victoria Aunapu Mann became the very first Native American woman in space. She's an enrolled member of the Wailacki of the Round Valley Indian Tribes.

Marine Colonel Nicole Mann, 45, is one of four astronauts who blasted off from Florida at midday bound for the International Space Station (ISS). (source)

VERY cool.

Marjorie Taylor Greene just called Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson “a communist” for defending the Voting Rights Act on her first day at the Supreme Court. Greene attacked Jackson for wanting to “give more, um, more rights to minorities.
~ Brian Tyler Cohen
The vid of Madge Traitor Greene making this spectacularly stupid pronouncement (idiocy and lies are her specialty) is at the link.

I particularly enjoyed this comment:
I’m starting to think she is one of Herschel’s kids.
And speaking of the candidate whose only success is that he makes tfg look sane and not wholly, bombastically unintelligent. Yezzz, that’d be old Hersh. This was posted on the bird app by Doctor Rachael Bedard:
The woman who has come forward about Herschel Walker’s hypocrisy on abortion is giving incredible quotes that get to what is really at stake in this election, in Georgia and everywhere else: 

The thing that absolutely slays me is that, while Warnock is currently ahead in the polls, the race is astoundingly close. What this tells me is that Republi/Fascist voters really don’t give an airborne fuck if their candidate is a lying sack of regurgitated rabid rottweiler vomit. In fact, they seem to prefer that.

Enough about politics. The sun’s out, the wind is less insane and I’ve not gone for a walk outside in nearly a week (due to weather crap). It’s time to get up and out!

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