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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Words, Nimrods and Dipshits

a large, flat cushion, used in Japan for sitting or kneeling on the floor.

Nothing weird or terribly special here, I just like the way the word sounds in my head. Okay, it sounds a bit like the name for an alien species on Star Trek.

Oh wait, I’m thinking of Zebulon Pike and he was definitely not on Star Trek. Nope, he’s the failed explorer who got a mountain, which he’d unsuccessfully attempted to climb, named after him.


any of various insects that sting or bite, especially a large American mosquito.

Fair enough but this name actually only refers to the female of the species. Males are called guyinippers.

a noun used to denote the natives or inhabitants of a particular country, state, city, etc.

”he struggled for the correct demonym for the people of Manchester”
Nope. Clearly it’s the specific name of a demon as in:
Bloodsucking fiend = Vampire
Furry people eater = Werewolf
Violent and thoroughly moronic human = MAGAt, sucker, rube, etc.
The headlines at HuffPo yesterday were wildly annoying.

In the Who the Fuck Cares category:

Ben Affleck Reveals What Jennifer Lopez Actually Whispered To Him At Grammys
Luckily, I have NO idea who these two people are (and have zero  intentions of finding out):
Lil Nas X Has Perfect Response After Being Compared To Andrew Tate
I believe someone needs to explain to this fly commode that he’ll NEVER be president, no matter how much he tries to court 45’s nimrodian cult. Mother’s boy has all the charisma of a skimming stone. Wait, I take that back—skimming stones are useful, geologically interesting and just generally calming.
Mike Pence Doubles Down On Homophobic Joke About Pete Buttigieg
WHY do I turn to that site for news? It’s free. I’m not a bag ‘o’ dough here—I can’t get a subscription to every damn paywalled paper and/or magazine with an interesting article. I get most of my news from the Washington Post (my one subscription), NPR, the BBC and Al Jazeera (all free). Still, I’m in the habit of checking HuffPo once a day. MUST stop annoying myself this way!
I swear, I’ll never know how to pronounce Irish words. Fer instance:

The title for the head of the Irish Government is Taoiseach = TEE-shock
The name Siobhan = Shi-vonne
A simple good morning is Maidin mhaith = MA-jin Val
Tell me you’re a deranged little control freak with a peen so small that even the cryogenic electron microscope wouldn’t see it, without, ya know, using those exact words. Here, let’s ask South Carolina Republi/Fascist state Rep. Rob Harris. This human shaped, sentience-free, pile of poop is an expert on stratospherically cruel dipshittery.
Death Penalty For Abortions Is On The Table In South Carolina

In effect, the bill would make aborting a pregnancy a homicide — which is a crime punishable by death in South Carolina.
The bill, which allows few exceptions, garnered 23 co-sponsors in January and February — 20 of whom were men and all of whom were white. (source)
Way to demonstrate that you’re a “pro-life” dumbfuck, man. Ya know, Robbie boy was a nurse before he decided to crash the uterus of every woman in the state of South Carolina. I feel bad for the patients who suffered under his christofascist care.

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