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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Militant Milquetoast

Headline seen on BBC website just now:
The one thing Mike Pence needs to beat his old boss in 2024
Christ almighty, I don’t need to read the article to know the answer and it's not just one thing. The boy needs a genuine personality, a spine, a functioning brain, a basic understanding of reality and being an actual human (versus robot) would be good too.

feeble, insipid, or bland

Under the word ’milquetoast’ in the dictionary, there’s a pic of this puddle of unseasoned, cooked too long mashed potatoes. On top of that, he’s an evangelical christian which, as you well know, means that he’s a mentally unbalanced, slimy fraud.

Fer fuck’s sake, he was so incompetent, out of touch and bigoted as governor of Indiana that, if the orange shit-for-brains hadn’t picked him as a running mate in 2016, this amateur hour ‘christian’ mullah would’ve lost his reelection bid anyway.

Mike, the albino stepford fuck, is frothingly anti-gay:

Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexuals as a ‘discreet and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws.” He also argued that the AIDS resources bill, commonly known as the Ryan White Care Act, should be renewed only if resources were “directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”
So, according to Mikey the mullah, AIDs care $$$ should only be given to asshole organizations that push the absolute bullshit, discredited 'conversion therapy.'

And he’s decidedly not keen on anyone with even a scintilla of melanin. Women’s ability to decide what’s best for their very own bodies? PFFFT, nope. Maybe you’re a disabled veteran? Under Pence, you’re fucked. Are you melanin-free but poor? In Pence World you don’t exist.

Read this Rolling Stone piece in its entirety. I don’t believe Pence has a chance of becoming president—for starters, he’ll never be able wash off the trump stench. Besides that, he’s a totally shitty actor. Yes, like most rightwing Jesus abusers, he’s completely unfamiliar with his supposed savior’s teachings. He’s the Jim Bakker-on-‘ludes of ex-veeps. Dude calls his wife ‘Mother” which tells me:

  • she’s the top in that relationship—all his actions and proclamations originate with her.
  • he doesn’t stand a chance of winning the votes of America’s red meat gorging, so-called ‘alpha’ males.

It's cute that he thinks he has a chance (particularly after his boss' January 6th crowd set up a gallows for him) or it might be if it wasn't so spectacularly, laughably pathetic. It's like he's standing on his tippy toes cry-begging 'make me president so Mother will have sex with me again!' 

NOT gonna happen little dude.


  1. He's not even all that popular with the fundies. Most of them are still all-in for Trump.

    Calling his wife "Mother" is just odd. And disturbing.

    Gays are a discrete minority, but I wouldn't call most of them discreet.

    1. Evangelicals like fiery bombast with their You're-All-Going-to-Hell brimstone. When Pence tries to bring it, he looks like a tantruming teen. At best.