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Saturday, December 2, 2023


This past week was exhausting. Between the health insurance hoops I’ve been jumping through, navigating the library card renewal maze and the fucking news, I am thoroughly worn out. Also, I stubbed my big toe and that’s making walking and ellipticaling a more challenging hell.

Can I get just ONE fucking break here?!

One bit of schadenfreude-y news—apparently George Many-Names Santos has begun ratting out his former House crimers. So far, no big names but Trailer Trash Greene, Handsy Boobert, Felonious Fivehead Gaetz and MAGAt Mike Johnson all voted no on Georgey Boy’s expulsion. Still, those four are quite accomplished at shooting their own disastrous selves in the foot. Dunno how much Santos could add.

Here's a quote that applies to SO many different scenarios:

Did you know that if you put 100 black ants and 100 red ants in a jar, nothing will happen? But if you shake the jar hard, the ants start killing each other. The red ants consider the black ants their enemies, and the black ants consider the red ants their enemies. The true enemy is the one shaking the jar. The same thing happens in human society. So, before we attack each other, we should think about who is shaking the jar!
~ Kurt Vonnegut

Did you see this?
Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, France, announced today on the platform that she is quitting Twitter, now known as X.
She said that the platform "has in recent years become an impressive tool for destroying our democracies."
She went on to call it a "Gigantic Global Sewer.”

Yup. She's not wrong.

 Speaking of MusKKK, he's either intentionally and theatrically blowing up his 44 billion dollar toy (now worth less than half of that price) OR he’s simply the least business savvy nitwit (aside from Cheeto) on the face of the earth. I only mention it but, given his near daily tantrums and displays of radical incompetence, you’d think our government would ixnay his SpaceX contracts. I mean, how many 'rapid unscheduled disassemblies’ do we, the taxpayers, have to pay for before the big brains acknowledge that MusKKK’s just not ready for prime time?

We won’t go into his three and a third ton, ugly as all hell, $61,000, theoretically bulletproof
cybertruck (will the truck be driven only in war zones? Does the average suburban dweller need to be SWAT teamed up to go shopping?).

One last thing, WHERE is my check from George Soros? Could someone please call Antifa’s accounting office for me?

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