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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Donna vs. Godzilla

As you know, I met my new surgeon yesterday. I’d seen his pic on the Mass General website but I was still unprepared. In real life, he looks EXACTLY like Obama. That ain’t hyperbole either. Wow. I was seriously stunned.

What’s the skinny on my op though? At this point it looks like this’ll be a much simpler brain surgery than the last few. Certainly faster—three to four hours versus my usual 10 - 16 hour marathon. In fact, Curry says his goal is to have me up and walking a bit by nightfall. There’s even a chance I could go home the following day. Whoa baby dolls, can you fucking imagine?!

This is, of course, best-case-scenario based on my age, fitness and if Curry has his Wheaties that morning. (He BETTER!)

In order to smooth the way for this MOST desirable outcome, I want to be in as tip-top of a shape as I can possibly manage. I’m ramping up my rehab work out, getting more focused on balance as well as strength. It surely helps that every day the sun stays a little longer. Today it’ll be with us for a bit over 11 hours versus 9 on December 21st. It helps my mood and energy levels that the temps are rising too. Hearing that the op will be much shorter than my usual brain events AND that I’ll likely only be in for a couple days (maybe less!) REALLY shrinks my anxiety levels.

I just love living in the 21st century. Not croaking, so far anyway, is amazing.

All my MRIs have been moved up to mid-March. I already had a bunch of appointments/tests scheduled for the month so, with the surgery prep scans, March is gonna be all about MGH time. It looks like I’ll be dancing into the OR in early to mid-April. 

Recovery time is estimated as the usual 6-8 weeks. I’m looking forward to sitting out on the front porch, sipping my tea, book in hand, enjoying the breeze while NOT having Godzilla (or not as much of him) loafing around on my prefrontal cortex anymore.

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